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Semogue 2020 TSN limited edition

No, it’s the same boar hair used in their 2018 TSN LE, but different from the SOC.
It’s supposed to be harder to find, with only limited stock available, which is why they can’t use it in a regular brush edition, like the SOC.
That's correct, different than the SOC hair. Same handle type. If the SOC is floppy for you this is a good alternative. I like this brush and the SOC both.
Thanks for the info. I have the new 2020 tsn boar and I owned a soc boar years ago. The break in period for the new brush seemed to be substantially quicker than I remember with the soc, and because of this, I suspected the hair was different. It really is a nice brush (which I suppose it should be for 60 bones).

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My badger 2020 tsn Semogue finally arrived from Vintage Scent. It is a wonderful knot. This knot is very similar to the Shavemac D01 3 band knot. The face feel is just a bit softer than the D01. The backbone is extremely similar.

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#99/100 arrived today. Super soft tips right out of the box and good amount of backbone with pretty good flow through. I imagine it'll improve with use in that regard. Definitely softer tips than my C3 in finest and comparable backbone. Handle shape is one if my favorites-the ‘lip’ allows brush to rest in bowl perfectly and is great in the hand. No lather dripping down either.
Wow. I can't believe that it's still available.
It's a steal for the reduced price...
Excellent value imo.
Yeah, if someone is in the market for a higher-end brush, this is their chance. A similarly sized knot with same characteristics would prob be double the price.
Had been eyeing up one of them badger versions and ordered mine last night. Had no idea they were on sale till I went on the site. Tracking says it has cleared customs in Ohio and is getting ready for a trip north of the border.

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Friday morning I ordered the three band Semogue 2020 TSN limited edition.


I thought I'd never buy another three band. I'm much more into the good two band brushes so partly my decision to buy the brush was based on the remarkable enabling powers of the gentlemen in this thread. Still, I'm not kidding when I say I thought I'd buy no more three bands.

This one, if the reviews are right, is a very unusual three band with loads of backbone, and the perfect amount of density. The handle is beautiful. I already know the SOC handle has ergonomics which flat out rock (that's a given as I love the handles on my SOC Mistura and SOC boar).

I'm kinda hoping it has both softness and scrub, but that's a tall order. If the brush lacks the scrub I enjoy, and I can't determine much about its scrub from the reviews on this and other sites, I can always find another home for it.

The remarkable Semogue SOC Mistura was another influence in my decision to jump on another three band. Semogue nailed that brush, so maybe they're on a roll.

I've regretted not buying Semogue LE brushes before, particularly the 26 mm Mistura available last summer. I expect these LE brushes will sell out worldwide soon enough.

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