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Semogue 2016 Limited Edition Two-Band Foro Afeitado

I'm surprised this brush hasn't been discussed in this forum yet, but after searching briefly I guess it is up to me to do the honors. Semogue has a recent history of manufacturing some excellent two-band limited edition brushes, starting with the 2013 horn handled beauties. I unfortunately missed out on last years limited black and white handle LE, but this butterscotch version has relieved any sadness that remained.


This brush is phenomenal in all aspects. Although I am not a fan of most modern butterscotch iterations, this one included, the ergonomics of the handle and the well executed engraving help me move past that nitpick. The knot is as good as any I have ever tried from Semogue, including the LE Horn brush from a few years back, providing firm backbone combined with very soft tips. I was pretty bummed to miss out on the 2015 LE, but this more than makes up for it.
It's a really nice looking brush, I wouldn't mind having it. A couple guys have posted it on the SOTD threads and they seem to be enjoying it.
Looks a little small or maybe its just me. How does it feel on the face?
The 25x50mm knot is precise due to the bulb shape and excellent backbone. Although on the small side of my preference I would say it is right in the sweet spot for most. I would have preferred a fan shaped knot, but that is my general preference anyway and it doesn't hurt to have a little variety.
Looks awesome! And for you inner nerds, Afeitado is a transitive verb that can have two meanings in Spanish. 1. Shave and 2. Blunting a bulls horns for safety. So you've got that going for you. Which is nice.
I would love to get ahold of one of these brushes . I'm on the hunt for something new and this would fit the bill perfectly . Beautiful brush and congrats .
I have that brush and is perfect ! excellent backbone, very soft tips and ergonomic handle. Is perfect ! It was a LE of 100 brushes.

I've got mine too and I haven't touch it yet my brush number was 95/100 and I was very lucky that I've got mine just in time before all sold out
I am the proud owner of one of these, and I concur with OP's opinion. It's been a huge success in that Spanish forum, as it celebrated its 6th anniversary.

Nice handle, nice butterscoth example, and excellent hair. Two-band with soft tips (not gel-like), proper backbone and flowthrough. Really special and a pleasure to use.

I used it (facelatherer here) after a couple of palmlatherings... but these were not necessary at all. Now I know.

Some lousy pics. The first one is from the first lathering. Oitstanding lathering machine!

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