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SEMOGUE 2015 HD Silvertip Badger

Is the Semogue 2015 HD Silvertip a decent brush ? have located one at a decent price and just curious on quality.
I bought one last year and have used it every now and then. It has enough backbone for my liking for face lathering but it could be a little denser than what it is. Works great with croaps but with hard soaps it takes it time to load enough soap.
Hmmm I am wanting it to work well with triple milled as well as creams and croaps, I do presoak my brush before use and usually load for a minute or more or all my hard soaps so maybe it would be ok.
I have a 2015HD and it's a great brush.

It works pretty well with soaps, creams and croaps alike when bowl lathering.

There are a very few brushes out there for the same or similar money which can match or exceed it's performance.

Personally, I'd recommend paying that little bit extra for a Semogue 2-band if it's a Semogue brush you're after.

If, however, you've already got a Semogue 2-band then it's a no-brainer. :)

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Simply an excellent brush! Has all the style (the most?) and quality of the Semogue brand. Will handle any type of cream or soap. Will it eat up hard soaps? Most definitely not. If that's what your after look elsewhere.... It's a regular in rotation of my six brushes. My brushes? Semogue 1305, SOC Boar in cherry, Vulfix2235 Super Badger, Rooney 3/1 Super Silvertip, my little Thater... ...and the esteemed 2015HD. Beautiful wood, the best handle shape ever (sits well in any size hand!). Gets way more use than the excellent little Thater. Your tastes may vary.... If you want a Semogue that will handle absolutely anything.... ...then SOC Boar is your brush. If I had to choose only one brush, this would be it. Handles any cream or soap and is simply plush comfort for even the most sensitive skin types. Even Touchy ones!
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I have a similar Semogue Owner’s Club (SOC) silvertip and it is quite a capable little brush.
Not one of my top brushes, but good value for the money.

I have two of those and also the one with the cherry handle. The HD brush is quite suited to bowl lather than face lather due to its loft and inspite of the name its not quite as dense as many other badgers. The first one i got is now 10 years old and going quite strong, but I reach for it quite rarely due to the huge number of quality face lathering dense brushes available from whipped dog, razorock, zenith, striling and more... I reach out for the soc cherry wood 2 band badger more so due to its shorter loft..


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