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Selling Large Soap Lot

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I will be relocating to Colorado in a few weeks and came to the realization that I have been hoarding soap that could go to a home where it will be loved and cared for as it should be!

I would prefer to sell the soap as a lot, but am willing to bundle out.

I am asking $75 shipped for the lot. If you purchase the bundle I will throw in the Stirling samples and the bag of assorted soap and aftershave samples at the top of the pictures, I also have an assortment of razor blades I will throw in that I no longer use since I shave with a straight.

20170429_112023.jpg 20170429_112043.jpg
Bundle includes:
HTGAM Syngergy CaD (80%)
HTGAM Syngergy Pumpkin Pie (90%)
Proraso Green (75%)
BM Vetiver, Heather, @ Clary Sage (60%)
RazoRock Fine (70%)
RazoRock Freedberg (80%)
Mike's Coconut (25%)
Petal Pusher Fancies Cider House 5 (70%)
Stirling Rosemary Mint (Flying Dutchman Tin) (85%)
Stirling Gin & Tonic (Flying Dutchman Tin) (85%)
Ian S. Patchouli Lavender (75%)
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