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Selling items I no longer need...Tuckaway, Shovelhead, Clogpruf, more

Shovelhead sold.

Items packed but I didn't have a chance to get to the post office today. Will take them over tomorrow morning.
All sold items except the Shovelhead have been shipped. Shovelhead will be packed up today, shipped on Monday.

Price reduction on two remaining items:

1) Semogue owner’s club brush now $20 shipped CONUS.

2) Valet Autostrop razor now $13 shipped CONUS. I took a good look at the strop, and I don’t think anybody would want it, so this price is for the razor only. Razor is in bright, nearly new condition. Shaves really well with the Feather blade that is used in the OneBlade.

The Schick Repeating Razor is WITHDRAWN.
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