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Selling a collection: razors, brushes, stones, strops, etc.

Came across some items from my old collection and would like to pass them on to someone active in wetshaving.

I used to be active on this forum circa 2011-2013 restoring and repairing razors. Many of the razors and brushes listed were restored by me back in the day. Brushes with the red underline were restored by me. I made the protective sleeves out of silicone treated gun cloth and oiled the blades prior to storage, so no rust.

The coticles are somewhat mysterious to me, I do remember the largest one (red 1) is LA Grise. The next largest one ( red 2) was very expensive and was my favorite finisher but I can't remember the name of it.

The Japanese natural is an "Ozuku Asagi" and leaves a very nice finish from my memory.

All the stones were in use while I was honing razors so they should all be lapped flat as it was my SOP to keep all my stones flat.

Strops just received a fresh coat of neatsfoot oil, they're all in great shape.

I've been out of the game for a long time so please feel free to make me an offer on these items. Could be a great opportunity for a beginner to get some great gear for cheap. Ask whatever questions you have and I'll do my best to answer them.

-15 straight razors and one plain blade. $250 shipped.
- 9 brushes and one work in progress. $80 shipped.
-2 ceramic bowls $40 shipped.
- all of the stones: coticles, ozuku, and the 1k and 12k naniwa super stones in stands. $200 shipped.
- strops: kanayama no.3, boker paddle strop and three others. $150 shipped.


I can take PayPal Goods and Services

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leather strops are sold to shavemd. Thanks Mark!

Brushes and scuttles are still pending funds.
All the razors are still available. I'd be willing to split up the razors if anyone wants something in particular.
"Erusta" razor is sold to azwetshaver. Thanks!

I'm getting a lot interest so if you want something don't hesitate to let me know.
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Sanssouci, louper cab, baby gold bug, dovo silver steel, and Ed Weck "rigid edge" are sold to Jarhead. Thanks Jonjo
I have 9 razors left including a modern dovo best quality, several nice vintage razors, and one really old one (1830-1840's). $150 shipped for the 9 razors. The brushes and scuttles are available again. Thanks to everyone so far, the PMs have been continuously pouring in and I'm thrilled to see this collection get some more use.
Brushes and scuttles are now sold to Old School TSD. Thanks!

9 razors are still available.
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All sold. Everything will be shipped by tomorrow due to Columbus Day. Thanks everyone.
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