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Seki Edge Craftsman - Finger & Toenail Clippers

I will start by saying I realize that $50 for a pair of finger & toenail clippers is slightly insane.....that said they are pretty fantastic. Well. as fantastic as nail clippers can possibly get.

I've previously run the gamut of quality & cost of nail clippers from the overly priced but utter rubbish type sold in hotel gift shops, generic drugstore models which have been hit or miss but never seem to keep their edge and a Henkel which to date were the best clippers I've owned but seemed to have gone missing. Needing a replacement I went to Amazon and searched out my options.

The Sekis seem to be well reviewed so thought I'd give them a shot and so far have not been disappointed.



The packaging is quite elegant with the pleather case being wrapped in a sheet of tissue paper (not necessary but a nice touch) and right off the bat they feel well made. A good weight, the hinges articulate smoothly and the finish is perfect. But how do they cut nails? Very....very well! The cutting surface is ridiculously sharp and even can deal with the big toe (the captain of the toes....shameless Seinfeld reference) with absolute ease. They are almost too sharp and I've nicked my fingers a couple of times when pulling the large clipper from the case. Only minor complaint is they could use some dimpling on the bottom handle as it can get a little slippery with wet hands.



So, fifty clams for a pair of clippers I'll use for the next five years (I'd like to think they'll last longer but I'll inevitably lose them)? Five years, thats 260 weeks and I normally trim my fingernails weekly and toenails by weekly so a combined number of cuttings for the pair is 390. Round down to 350 for the occasional missed week or if I'm using the clippers in my dopp kit makes the per cut cost of the set $0.128. A bargain!!
Somewhat randomly we own these and have had them for years, definitely the best clippers out there. You did well on just buying the clippers, the full set (so for instance the tweezers) etc has a bunch of extraneous stuff that is not good. The clippers however are great, weirdly sharp.