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GIVEAWAY! Seiko Prospex Diver - modified - runs slow


The Lather Maestro
I missed the update @deafficianado I'm glad you like the hands. The hands, the crystal, and the bezel were all changed, I kind of went nuts modifying it, but as you point out, the thing won't keep time. I hope the new movement straightens that out for you, please let us know.

Thankfully, I fell off the watch wagon pretty quickly. I'm wearing a cheap Timex battery watch now and it works great!


I'm a Lumberjack.
Great pif! Incredible actually and so glad the new movement did the trick. A good watchmaker is a unicorn these days fortunately there’s one left near me. They straightened out an omega I have that was running fast and then slow. I thought it was magnetized. They fixed it but I forgot the explanation it was something about the spring. Anyway great looking seiko. I didn’t notice the hands until reading thru the thread. By chance I’m wearing my (new) Willard so I could compare hands. I love the sword look of the replacement hands. I hope it keeps on running well. Enjoy and again fabulous pif!
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