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Segal one piece Razor

I have seen pictures of the Segal one piece razor. It looks like you twist the handle to loosen the top plate, which rises and swivels. The blade then drops over the swiveled head.

Does anyone have one of these? I was wondering how the current DE blades fit them.
I have one of these, and the best answer to your question is that current DE blades are not directly compatible. There are a few threads around B&B that discuss modification techniques but I have never attempted to cut out razors.
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Thank you for the information. I thought as much, but was not sure. Hard to tell from some of the pictures that are posted on e-bay.
The Segal is a very well made razor and, IMO, a really cool design. In comparison to the Segal, the Gillette TTO designs of this era feel like they were made by the low-bid supplier. But, the issue with the Segal is fitting a blade to it. as Bearded Buckeye pointed out, it was designed for a proprietary blade, and a current production DE blade won't fit over the cap. You can, as also noted, modify (trim, actually) a standard DE blade to fit, and it's really not too difficult to do this. Search around and you'll find some threads on this. Bottom line is that you trim the center slot wide enough to fit over the cap, but leave the end notches intact to ensure correct alignment. I've done it, and as I said it's not too much of a production. Although I'm not inclined to mess with this blade mod on a regular basis, I do like the feel and shave of the Segal very much: medium aggressive, good heft and rock solid build. Plus, because they are an evolutionary dead end, you can often pick them up pretty cheap. IMO, if this thing took a standard blade, people would be paying Fat Boy prices for them.
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