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Seems Kind of Dry

Morning gents. So for the last 3 days I've been using AoS soap. The problem I'm noticing isn't the lather, or application, it's that it is not as slick as the cream. I get a nice thick lather and am sure to load my brush enough but I notice it just feels "dryer" as I shave and rinse between passes. Has anyone else noticed this in comparison to soaps and creams?
If it's the new formulation, they removed the tallow, I've heard not good things about it. That is why the old formula is in high demand. Maybe use a little more water to thin it out some, worth a try.
+1 on using more water, fairly frequently dipping the brush tips in water or putting drops of water in the brush's breech as you apply the lather.
I used a puck of the AOS tallow and just started a puck of the new AOS formulation. I like the new sandalwood smell better. No more clay smell. Besides that, I wish the old formula would come back. I find the new formulation dries out quicker and it doesn't have as much glide. It works pretty good for a super lather with AOS cream.
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