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Seeking advice about Witch Hazel

I have read many posts on B&B where folks routinely mention using Witch Hazel after a shave. Earlier today I picked-up a bottle of this ($1.99 for 16oz.: cheap!) and I have a few questions regarding the most effective use of this product.

1. The bottle states that the concentration of its contents is 86% Witch Hazel. Does this sound like the appropriate concentration to apply to my face directly or does it need to be diluted with something first (e.g., distilled water)?

2. Is the best way to apply this simply by pouring into the palms and then rubbing on face? Is a cotton ball a better idea?

3. I have read here that many people use alum first then Witch Hazel. Does Witch Hazel then replace any ASB?

TIA for your thoughts and advice.



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When they say 86% witch hazel, what they mean is it's 14% alcohol. At that concentration, you shouldn't feel any sting from it at all. Is it Dickinson's?

Just splash it on, or better still, spray it on, as I do with Thayer's WH. Any a/s that follows will depend on the season and on your face.
There are a bunch of hydrosols available when you get tired of the witchhazel:biggrin:
A spitz bottle workes great!Try Here

This is what the website says;

Flower Waters (Hydrosols)

Flower waters also known as hydrosols, hydroflorates or distillates are products from the direct steam distillation of whole plant materials. Unlike their "essential oil added to water" counterparts, true steam distilled hydrosols contain all the beneficial components that whole plant materials have to offer, and are more true to their scent. They are wonderful and inexpensive as a facial splash, as a deodorant, an air freshener, in the spa, for skin application, during massage, as a base in your body care recipes, and most may be used in culinary creations. They are moisturizing, fragrant, cooling and contain similar properties as essential oils but in much less concentration, which makes them a lovely alternative to those with sensitivities.
We have now expanded our entire line of hydrosols, which have all been distilled in improved stainless steel cookers and processed through certified organic methods.
We are excited to offer you these exceptional quality flower waters which are quality control supervised from cultivation to distillation by
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Each of our hydrosols is packaged attractively in a 4 oz amber bottle with a black mister. The bulk 8 and 16 ounce and 1 gallon waters are packaged in HDPE plastic bottles.
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Thanks for the info and advice! Just what I was hoping for. :thumbup1:

Actually, I purchased this at Wegmans, a wonderful grocery store chain here in upstate NY. I picked this up in the pharmacy department.

Dr. D
A word of caution -If you bought Dickinson's don't base your opinion of Hydro's on it.

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