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Seek improvements to my shave

I found I would get less days out of blades when I started. It is also truer for less aggressive razors versus ones with a bit more blade exposure. Blades are cheap, if they tug in your current setup bin them. JM
I think you got that one wrong; in most of his videos he rides the bar and has always been a steep angle shaver.
Lately, on his last pass, he has been riding the cap to demonstrate how to get a BBS shave. Watch this recent video until he is done shaving.

Hi guys just to update,

I took all your advice to heart and today in a eureka moment finally got a DFS shave with zero irritation!

What I did was to tilt my head to allow the razor weight to rest on my face, and drag to razor along. Haha I must have missed the part about tilting the head! But I would like to know how do I "let the weight of the handle do the job" under my chin? Am I supposed to shave upside down?

Thinking about it, a heavier razor would also create more pressure right? So would a heavier razor cause more irritation? Would like to hear feedback about that!
This would be how my Grandfather would have taught me how to shave.
My only changes would be to use a lighter weight vintage razor such as a Gillette Tech, Superspeed, or even a Schick Krona. Blades are of your choosing, and instead of pricey pre-shave oil, use the Walmart Generic (Equate) Noxzema - it works great.
Glad you had such a good shave. Yes the weight does the work so use a light touch with heavier razors and they will reward you handsomely. As for the drag you refer to, some call it tracking.. how a razor tracks across your face. This is a key quality for me and some razors do it better than others. Techs and Rockets are known to track well, a Rocket HD if you want a heavier one and more aggressive. But a De89 is a great razor.. I would stick with that and keep on improving those shaves!

All the best, JM
Hi guys,
today I felt comfortable with the lather I created and with the advice of you guys under my belt, I went for BBS.

Firstly I apologise for that when the majority advised me against doing BBS. Frankly speaking I feel very satisfied when I achieve BBS!

ok, so I was surprised when I ran the alum and got no stinging except a little below my jawline. I believe that this is due to the lather protection.

I now believe the most important part of the shave process is the lathering process! Do not settle for a less than perfect lather :)
You are bang on. A super good lather is probably the most important variable in the process. Congratulations on getting it nice and slick. Now you know what you are shooting for, so you can create it on a consistent basis.. JM
Stop chasing BBS and excessive blade buffing, it will help with face beeing raw. And if you must have BBS and do all the buffing then trytry Rocwell, you can buff this thing all day long with no damage
Some faces can take lots of buffering but
Hi guys,
I am using an EJ89. I would like to see if there is anything wrong with my shave.
I always! get weepers trying to achieve BBS, which I mostly do, with lots of blade buffing. Apart from weepers, my skin is very raw after the multiple buffings.
I read that weepers are caused by applying pressure which I think I unintentionally did when trying to do a closer shave ATG.

May I know if there is a way to achieve BBS without the buffing method or something that is easier on my skin? Or should I try shimming which I prefer not to as handling razor blades more often than needed is something I try to avoid.

Or should I just bite the bullet and get a more aggressive razor which I read that would give me less irritation with less passes?
reduce the amount of buffing and use a sharper blade that can mow thru your hair with minimal passes is what worked for me as I have very sensitive skin and I also try for a BBS every other day