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    Hi all,

    I would like to share with you my second time trying to restore vintage brushes, a Ever Ready 300PBT and the other one that I couldn't identify since there was no printed name on it when I got it. I don't have many tools but with a basic dremel rotary tool was able to reknot the brushes with a 22mm Maggard HSD 2 band and a 22mm Maggard regular 2 bands knots.
    Thanks. 2B1.jpg 2B2.jpg HSD1.jpg HSD2.jpg
  1. Looks fantastic.

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  2. Good work. I really like that Ever Ready 300PBT
  3. Thanks!!

    Thank you. I like that one too.
  4. I've seen simular handles but not with the silver ring in the middle. Very cool.
  5. Found it on the Bay at a great price and condition, even the knot was in excellent condition but didn't like it since it was a very tiny one.
  6. ajkel64

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    They look great, well done.
  7. Looks great.
  8. Lovely the 300PBT.
    Here there are tons of info on ER brushes:
    OSSB - Old School Shaving Brushes
  9. Thanks!!

    Thank you for the link, I'll take a look.
  10. Very nice restores.

    The more I see those SHD Maggard knots, the more I want one.
  11. Thank you!. You'd love it if get one.

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