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Second OC suggestions, please

I'm new to the world of OC razors. I'm still new to DE shaving period. My wife got me a Merkur 1906 OC for Christmas. I love it. I've shaved with it 3 times already. The OC seems to make a drastic difference in my shave results. I'm already looking at another OC razor. I eventually want to get a Gillette New, but I'm not necessarily in a hurry to do so. I've been looking at the Muhle R41, Pearl OC or the Merkur 25C Long Handle. If I can find a New in decent shape at a decent price then I will get that one next. Otherwise, I could use some input regarding the above listed razors or suggestions for other ones.
I like the 1906. The handle is a little bit on the short side for my big hands. It's not a deal breaker, but I wouldn't mind having an extra 1/2-1" of handle length. I also wouldn't mind a little bit more aggressive of a razor. I've only been DE shaving for 3 months. The R41 is probably the top of my price range. I've read that it is fairly aggressive. I hope its not more razor than I need right now.
Pearl/Cadet OC would be a good choice. Not too expensive, nice handles, more aggressive than the merkur (which is abou as mild as OC as you can find) but gives a get comfortable shave.
The new is the best of the OCs, IMO. If you want something more aggressive, try to get your hands on a new deluxe. Otherwise, just get a new. It's less money than most new producion OCs, and will provide as good a shave as anything else out there.
A NEW is a good choice, either in long-comb or short-comb (harder to find). The short-comb was my first OC razor, so I'm of the opinion that it's the perfect first OC for anyone. The Old Type is another good one.

For a new OC, you can't beat the Cadet/RazoRock/Pearl trio. All three are made by the same company, just sold by different vendors. You can't go wrong, value-wise. Others have said that they are more aggressive than the aforementioned Gillettes, but are still manageable. I just received my Cadet a couple of days ago, and I'll be doing my first shave with it next week and making my own judgement regarding it.
FaTip Grande might be a good fit for you. It's the same head as the Piccolo, but with a bigger handle, which you indicate is important.
New OC and get a longer handle. Someone is selling nice handles at eBay...can someone help with a link? But the New is really hard to beat.
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