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Seb derm and the beard

I have been shaving my whole face for 3 years now, ever since my seb derm got kinda gnarly all over my head. My mustache gets it horrible. The left side ends up getting very inflammed. Has anyone had any success in growing some facial hair out with seb derm or am I SOL? I can't use beard oil or balm as that feeds the yeast and makes my condition worse. Anti fungal dhampoo helps but I've never managed to completely clear the mustache area. Has anyone surmounted this condition?
There were (are) a few places on my face that become inflamed. Right hand upper lip area, a few small areas on the chin and around the "root" of the nose, both sides.
I can usually feel a tingling sensation a few days before it gets bad, and if I act on time i can (usually) keep it under control.

Avene Tolerance Control - this also helps a lot. It's also really good for razor burn.

I get it on my chin/mustache/nose/side burn and eye brows. However when I use oil regularly I don't get it. If I don't use oils for a couple of days, I use Selsun Blue with the 1% Selenium Sulfide in it and it knocks it out. Let it sit in your beard for like three minutes.

What I had to do, before while I was growing my beard, for like 2-3 weeks 2-3 times a week I had to use Selsun Blue. After that I only have to use it when I'm not consistent with my beard oil.
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