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Good morning all. I am new to the board and wanted to say hi to all and thank you for letting me join. I hope at some point I will be able to add to the threads! Anyway, my question here is this; anyone from Seattle, where do you get your stuff? I live downtown and was sad to see that the C&E was gone from Westlake Center! Now, all the way to Bellevue. If you have not driven in Seattle, let me say this: I would rather shave against the grain with a disposable bic than drive on most days!:eek:

Anyway, thanks for having me,

Hi Darren,

Seattle's got a pretty poor selection of shaving supplies, but there are a few retailers. Note that the markups at these places are typically Seattle passive-aggressive.

Nordstrom downtown carries a full line of AOS products--creams and soaps in all flavors, aftershave, fragrance, shaving brushes, and accessories. They've also got some of Truefitt and Hill's creams and fragrances, and an aftershave or two.

Barney's also has a range of AOS products.

Mario's (on 6th between Pike and Pine) is the only place I've found who carries Trumper's stuff--a good selection of creams in the tube, soaps (in the wooden bowl or refills), and at least one variety of the Skin Food. They also carry a few of Trumper's fragrances--I've seen Bay Rum, GFT, Limes, and Spanish Leather, as well as a lone bottle of Skye a few months ago. You can find other high-end frags there as well--Creed, Acqua di Parma, and Santa Maria Novella, to name a few.

For a larger selection of high-end scents, both male and female, you should visit Parfumerie Nasreen in the Alexis Hotel (on 1st Avenue).

That's pretty much it, as far as I know. There is another Seattleite who posts occasionally on these forums; he may be able to supplement this list. Good luck.

Thanks for the reply. I have to go into Marios and check it out. I am expecting some samples from Trumpers in England, I emailed them and received an email back telling me that I would be getting "an assortment" of their creams/balms and colognes in the mail. I am eagerly awaiting that.

As for the AOS stuff, I found that Barney's had a much larger selection of the line and the staff was much friendlier. As well, when I bought the face wash there, I got a TON of free crap in the way of samples (mainly all from the Anthony's line).

Ryan / Darren :

I live in the Seattle area. There's a gentleman's barbershop in downtown Seattle that carries eShave products and a few other high end lines. At least they did the last time I was in there. Give 'em a call to make sure before going down there.

- Dave

Capelli's Gentlemen's Barbershop
925 Fourth Ave., Suite 404
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206-587-0900

Hey all - another Seattlite here. It's worth noting Target's selection of Proraso stuff. I live in Greenlake (by the zoo!), so the Northgate one is the closest, but there are more elsewhere.

But yeah, I was sad when I couldn't find C&E anymore!
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