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Sears DE Blades

Looking for some info on these blades if anyone can help. I read somewhere that there was a possibility that Sears DE blades may have been the same as Personna 74’s. Has anyone had any experience with these blades? I should also note that on the back of the dispenser it says “dispenser made in Great Britain.”
I don't think those are Personna 74s, because they're too inexpensive and anything like a 74 would have mentioned the titanium coating. They may well have been made by Personna though.

But they are coated stainless blades. They'll probably shave just fine, though without an alloy coating on the blade edges they may not be particularly long lasting.
I’ll be giving them a shot in the next few days so hopefully it goes well. I love the Gillette Spoiler blade and that’s all I usually use so hoping for something close to that.
I tried the blade tonight and it was very smooth. Sharpness was good so it’ll be nice to see how long the blade lasts. My set up was the following:

Karve Razor with D plate
Semogue 1305
Talbot Shaving Valley of Fire soap
Catie’s Bubbles Valley of Fire A/S splash

One thing I noticed was that when I put the blade on the top cap I had to force it down a bit so the blade was very rigid in the razor. Not sure if the blade holes were cut a bit smaller then my usual blade of a Gillette Spoiler but the shave was different. Not bad at all but just not what I’m used to. I actually really liked it.

I’ve never tried a Personna 74 so I can’t compare the two but I will definitely use the rest and keep an eye out for more of these blades.
Those look like British made Wilkinson Sword Blades to me. The Sears co. always bought from whoever they could get the best deal from. And So there were Schick, Personna, Gillette, Star, and many other manufactures blades sold by Sears throughout its history.
They even used some Kai and Feather Blades at times in their past.
In the late 70's and early 80's they tended towards really cheap blades from Mexico, Germany, Chile, South Korea etc...

But looking at the packaging and the blades and the fact you say they are tight on the razor head I guess they are Wilkinson Sword Brand made in England circa 1960's.
But they could also be other brands as well.
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