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Searching for a new brush either Simpson or kent preferably

I probably asked this before but I'm looking into getting a new brush for my birthday I'm looking into getting a Simpsons or a kent. already have it whip dog Silver badger brush I've had for three years and I want something new. I like soft brushes with a lot of loft and a decent size handle. Any suggestions are welcome. My budget is $105

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With your budget and specs, I would go with a Kent BK4, but it might not be big enough. Have you considered Thater?
To be honest I haven't I don't know much about shaving brushes I've been de shaving for about four years and the only brushes I've used are the VDH and the whipped dog.
If you're looking for a lot of loft, a Simpson may not be for you. They are renowned for high density, shorter loft brushes.
Just used my first Simpson (chubby 2) and all I can say is I will not be buying any other brand again. I loved it so much, that I decided to keep my Duke 3
I didn't read the fluffiness part. I specifically liked my chub2 because it was scrubby, I wouldn't call it a pillow. Do you like big brushes or smaller brushes?
I have a Simpson Commodore X2 and it is very dense, which gives it backbone, but it's not at all scrubby because the tips are soft. However, it doesn't splay as much as some less dense brushes, and the loft is on the shorter side. I like it very much, but I also like my Plisson synthetic which splays very easily.

Have you considered Plisson, or another quality synthetic?
Look at the Omega silvertips. The $101 #639 is 25x59, and my 636 (smaller) is wonderfully soft, with a large bloom.
And I almost forgot about Liojuny Chinese brushes. My "Lijun" (former company name) is almost exactly like my Kent BK8, and with a substantial horn handle cost me $40 about three years ago. QC is a little hit-or-miss, but most customers posting here have had excellent results, at a very low cost.
If you're looking for a lot of loft, a Simpson may not be for you. They are renowned for high density, shorter loft brushes.

+1. I have several Simpson's and love their Best Badger.

Unfortunately, it sounds like our tastes may differ. As noted the brushes I have do not have a lot of loft. Simpson's are dense, scritchy, brushes with backbone-especially in best. This is what appeals to me, but it might not be for you.

I suggest you spend part of your $ to get one of the less expensive Simpson's (say a Special, Colonel or 46) to see if you like them before committing to one of their more expensive models. YMMV and it will in something like this. Good luck!
It sounds like you would get a lot of joy from a Kent (though I have not personally used one). I'm a fan of Thater silvertips and have a few of them in my den. Big, fluffy pillow just about sums them up.

Based on what you're looking for, I don't think a Simpson Chubby is going to fit the bill. Not that it isn't a nice brush, just that it's more of a scrubby, low-lofted beastie. That is largely true of Simpson brushes in general, at least the ones I've owned.
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The thing about Simpson's -- I love them to death, but they're really not about soft or fluffy brushes. They've got a Super Badger line that's soft, but what's really unique about Simpson's is the Best Badger -- their Best is just soft enough to be scrubby but not scratchy, and it's generally pretty reasonably priced (compared to other top-shelf brushes, at least). I'd highly recommend you try a Simpson's Best to see what it's like, but if what you're going for is big, soft, and pillowy, you're probably best off looking at Kent rather than Simpson.

That said, if you're interested in trying out a Simpson, I'd probably recommend a Colonel X2L in Best. It's not as insanely dense (or expensive) as, say, the Chubby, but that makes it a lot softer than a Chubby and it'll definitely give you an idea of what Simpson's Best Badger is like. It's not especially big (22mm knot), but it's got a good-sized handle, and it tends to retail about $65 new (which is pretty damn cheap for Simpson's).

So, yeah...what you're probably looking for is a Kent, but I'd also highly recommend you try out a Simpson to see how the scrubbier side lives. :laugh:


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I do love my Simpsons, but they are not fluffy. If you want to extend your budget a bit, you can get a Shavemac Silvertip.
I had a Kent BK8. It was a big, fluffy cloud of a brush. I really, really liked it a lot. I sold it only because I re-knotted an old handle with a large Virginia Sheng knot as replacement. I would suggest a WTB in the gentlemanly deals forum and see if someone might have a BK8 they might part with. You have a decent shot at hitting your target budget with that route I would think.
Simpson and Kent brushes are polar opposites. Simpsons are short, dense, scrubby, and sometimes a bit scratchy. Kents are very tall brushes that fan out, don't have much backbone, feel soft, and sometimes feel floppy.

Another option in the middle would be a Thater 23mm brush with 56mm loft from SRD. It will be as soft as the Kent but more of a bulb shape so won't be as floppy.
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