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Searching for a Knot

I am looking for a 26 mm badger knot. I have found two on TGN but wanted to know if there are any other sources, as well as any experiences with the TGN knots described below.

Super Badger (Fan) i have never had a fan shape before. I face lather and scrub on the first pass the other pass or passes are paint. I am intrigued by the fan shape but not sure if this knot will work well for face lathering.

Finest Badger Anyone with experience with TGN finest? how soft are they I like a little scritch but nothing that will take a long time to break in. I have two other brushes I really like and this will get used but not an everyday type thing.
Did you try ebay? The two vendors there that have always provided me with good knots are Virginia Sheng and ACE. It seems like I have seen some 26 mm Silvertips from one or the other recently.

TGN has an excellent reputation. They are best known for their Finest knots. They are stiffer than a Silvertip, but the tips are nearly as soft. For many, this is the preferred knot.

Fans tend to behave as though they are bigger than they are. If you go that route, you may want to get 2 mm smaller than you would otherwise. TGNs Super Badger is Silvertip with bleached tips. They tend to be among the very softest of Silvertips. I don't know if the tip treatment is responsible or if they just started with softer hair.
I adore my brushes with TGN Finest knots. Both the fan and bulb shape work well for face lathering. Good back bone, no scritch. +1 on Big Jim's "go 2mm smaller" suggestion.
The TGN finest is the standard that I compare other knots to. They have great backbone that is perfect for face lathering and nice soft tips.
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