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FSOT SE1 head, MDC unsc, muhle brush, other items

All items via paypal, per B&B rules. CONUS only. Listed price includes shipping.

**Would be interested in trading maybe the SE1 head + MDC for a Colonial General AC SS razor**

1) ATT SE1 stainless steel top cap/plate - Too aggressive for my skin but it sure is a nice razor otherwise. $70

ATTSE1_2.png ATTSE1_1.png

2) MDC unscented - everything about it is true, lathers easily and makes a lot for very few swirls. However the soap is really tough on my freakishly sensitive skin. Many reviews declare it is too drying so maybe this is the problem for me. Used about 10X from brand new, soap is still close to the top of the jar. See pic. Always used a clean brush, no double dipping ever. Top layer of soap has been cleaned up as well. To my nose it is truly unscented. $39


3) Muhle black fibre brush, very nice with a stout handle. I think it is a 21mm knot. Comes with original packing tube. $19


4) WTT Plisson shave cream - Brand new. Has nice scent to it. My second tube but it does not play well with my skin. Will trade 1:1 for equivalent priced cream or soap. Plisson website pricing is $16.79 but anything in the $7-15 range is fine. Not looking for any florals or citrus scents but something more subdue, lightly scented. Would prefer new tube or maybe used 1X.


5) Omega brush/razor stand - $8 - would also consider trades for a lightly scented soap. Stand was bought at WCS several years ago so it should be like this one: Omega 27mm Chrome Shaving Brush and Razor Stand

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