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SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

SE SOTD, Fri, SEptember 10th 2021, A very inexpensive shave today for those who do not like to spend money on finer gear.

Razor: Yaqi 50mm V1 Excalibur, great tame mid range, great daily driver for most folks, I get close shaves with this nice razor.
Blade: Chinese Blue injector (2), sharp & smooth with some longevity, not top tier, good pricing.
Soap: Gillette Pure, nice scent, excellent lather qualities IMO. Affordable for most.
Brush: Yaqi 22mm Cola, Small foot print, excellent lather generator, cloud like soft tips, great scrub, great lather painter.
Pre shave: Brush wash whole face with CeraVe hand bar cleanser + a dollop of clear Aloe Vera gel on the cleaned beard area.
Prep: Cold water rinse after each pass of 2 + pickups.
Post shave: Pinaud Clubman with witch hazel + a dollop of CeraVe balm.
Results: CCS,DFS,BbS + no irritation + no weepers = :a17: excellent shave with my V1 Yaqi Excalibur + a China blue blade.

SOTD,  Sep 10th 2021.jpg

Have some great shaves!
Razor: AutoStrop 7 O’Clock (1911-12) London, England
Blade: GEM (Personna) PTFE - modified (4)
Brush: FS - 26mm G4 Synthetic
Pre-Shave: CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser
Lather: Proraso White (Sensitive Skin)
Aftershave: Stirling - Tea Tree (Toner)


“10” The Bo Derek of razors!

Le Blanc Shea Soap Preshave
RR Blackhawk / Schick Proline (11)
SV Desert Vetiver Soap, Fine Fresh Vetiver

2 pass wtg > atg smooth near BBS shave.

I find the original Blackhawk a easier more efficient shave than my SS Hawk v3-A. The Blackhawk appears to have a larger blade exposure, so maybe that's the reason. Anyway, I will probably sell the SS Hawk v3-A soon.
GEM HFT g-bar
Ted Pella SS PTFE (2)
Very good shave.
The g-bar for me is much smoother than the Clog Pruf, and I get just as close a shave without the burn.
On the flats, the closeness is equal to the Schick G1, but the G1 is closer on the hard to get to places, due to the smaller head and better maneuverability.
I also have to go slower with the GEM HFT, for a couple of reasons.
1. The make sure I don’t miss spots
2. The HFT is less forgiving than the G1, even though it doesn’t shave any closer.
So far, the HFT is my favorite GEM (plus it is super easy to clean).
The G1 is still my daily driver.
SOTD Sunday September 12

PAA Tube 2.0 Preshave
PAL Injectomatic with Chick blade (2nd use)
Echolly synthetic brush
Used the leftover cream in the brush as a post shave.

This is my second use of the Injectomatic. Last time around I really enjoyed it but wound up with some pretty major irritation. I think it was a combination of technique and poor lather. Today I was able to address both and got a much more comfortable shave.

I decided to try and use a different soap today. I do not have the CK-6 version of CaD but I have read that if you use the Tube preshave you can make it into a CK-6 version of the soap. I had forgotten just how nice this soap is. I really need to get a CK-6 version of a PAA soap.

I also found today that with this razor I really only need 2 passes and some touch ups. I started feeling a little irritation as I wrapped up the second pass and just decided to stop there and do touch ups.

I cannot tell you just how much I am enjoying this razor. It just works really well for me. This was the second time I used an injector and last time around I didn’t really study how to use it and just wasn’t satisfied with it. I did more research this time and now that I know how to use it, I’m very happy with the results I’m getting.

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