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SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

The Christy-Penn Trifecta:

Penn Dollar Razor (1914)/ Schick B20
Christy Massage Bar (1923)/ Schick B20
Penn Adjustable (1917)/ BIC

Total success this morning.

Since the Penn Adjustable-DE blade was an unproven combination I decided to start there with a WTG beard pass. Just terrific. I did a few ATG strokes to test those waters and fine as well. Second pass with the Christy had a different feel of course with an injector blade and my setting was super comfortable if a wee bit mild. No problem ATG. Head shave I started with my usual ATG pass with the Penn Dollar, again a wee bit mild but marvelous. Having tested its capabilities I finished mostly ATG pickups with the Adjustable.

I just hate to let a good razor sit unused and today's shave left me thrilled to see these underappreciated tools perform so well.

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Razor: Ever-Ready 1924 Shovelhead (nickel)
Blade: GEM (Personna) PTFE (9)
Brush: Dscosmetic - Galaxy Synthetic Flat Top 26mm
Pre-Shave: Hawkins & Brimble - Facial Scrub
Lather: Tcheon Fung Sing - Paolo Barrasso Blue (Special edition)
Aftershave: Ariana & Evans - Barbiere Sofisticato


Shave Rating: 10/10
Shovelhead ain’t singing’ no mo’ blues
First off…fabulous shave! Just Fabulous!
Ive always been a little undecided about how I feel about the ER “Shovelhead”, but today I figured out what it is that I could never put my thumb on. I have two Shovelheads, one is all brass and the one I used today which is heavily nickel plated. I think I mostly end up blindly picking up the brass one more so than the plated one. I may be imagining it, but the brass one is lighter which seems to make the head seem larger and more unwieldy. The audible feedback is also twice as loud, which subconsciously makes it seem rougher, although I doubt it is.

Anyway, I’m glad I grabbed the nickel plated Shovelhead today. The blade has been hanging around a while so I gave it 20 strops to make sure the edge was nice and smooth. I wasn’t expecting much shave-wise today, but now I think I’ve found myself a new favourite ASR even though I’ve had it for a while.

Paolo Barrasso soap - this has got to make the fluffiest lather I have ever used. Great coverage and protection.

Flattop synthetic brush - I love badger fan knots, but i don’t think it works well in a synthetic.
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