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SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

“A Barbaric Yawp”
Razor: Razorrock Hawk V2 (1st use)
Blade: Feather SoftGuard (1)
Brush: PAA Solar Flare
Cream: Captain’s Choice Nor’Easter
Post: Thayers WH Aloe
Aftershave: Captain’s Choice Nor’Easter
Lather: Scuttle/Face

The shave: With a Barbaric Yawp I leapt into the unknown...
1st Shave with Hawk V2 and it went well. WTG/ATG for DFS-. Hardest part was loading the blade the first time. The Captain’s Choice Nor’Easter was excellent in my scuttle the combo warm lather/menthol kick is a great sensation.
Have a great day.
B778A4A9-15B0-4AEC-95EE-DA9B480F82BA.jpeg View attachment 1254815 DB28BD55-55A3-4AC2-A4DC-0BA3F4595415.jpeg


Birthday Shave
Razor #1: Blackland Razors Sabre L1
Blade: GEM PTFE (1)
Razor #2: Blackland Razors Vector SB
Blade: Feather ProGuard (1)
Brush: Yaqi Mysterious Space Silvertip Badger
Cream: Cyril R. Salter Sublime Citrus
Lather: scuttle proto/face final
Post: Thayers WH Aloe
Aftershave: Stirling Satsuma
The Shave: Fantastic! My 2 favorite razors, B-Day present Brush, scuttle, and Aftershave, and a great cream. My shaving has become truly enjoyable due to the members of our community, fine craftsmen, and great products.
My Birthday Wish is for everyone to enjoy your next shave and take a moment to smile when you think of our community/brotherhood.
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@GNR - very Happy Birthday to you, Tim!
First shave this morning with the Blackland Vector. I decided to go with the open comb base plate for my first shave and a new Feather Super Pro blade. I probably changed too many variables to make a fair assessment all around, since I also used Stirling soap for the first time, but it made for a pleasant shave. No nicks or weepers and I seemed to have mowed down just about all of my stubble in about a pass and a half.

It's been a bit since I used an artist club blade and my previous experience was always with Feather straight razors, not single edge safety razors, so it was a little different, but still a nice return. I like the rigidity of the blades. I need a little more practice maneuvering the wider blade though when it is in a safety razor handle.
Razor: Yaqi AC Light Weight Head and Custom Handle
Blade: Blade that came with it [4]
Fourth shave with razor and the blade that ships with it.
Time to bin the blade but still got a pretty good shave out of it with effort.
Not going to chance it for another shave as the aftershave had some sting to it.
Definitely going to sell the El Jefe as this is just drop the blade in and roll.
I will switch to the Yaqi AC Brass razor and the blade it came with for the next shave.
Looking forward to giving it a go next. :001_smile

yaqi 50.JPG
1935 Rolls Razor / Williams Shave Soap / AV Musk Splash -- Williams Wednesday and my first successful Rolls Razor shave--all blade feel (duh!), but not overly harsh/aggressive for 3 passes, zero blood, BBS! This is a $10 new to me 1935 Imperial no.3 (Stainless Steel) Rolls w/telescoping handle I picked up a few weeks ago (included the instructions and it was refurbished with a new hone/strop and the blades were redone ($5.19 for a factory refurbishment) at some point, and it may not have been used much if at all after being refurbished (no date unfortunately). I wet sanded the surface rust off, wet honed it on an old Rolls stone outside the case, then honed and stropped it in the case. I had an aborted Rolls shave in October, using a light touch, but after reading other's suggestions to just "own" the shave with a firm hand and a lot of skin stretching, I enjoyed a very close shave experience was like no other razor I've used before and the results were amazing. It needs a bit more stropping, but from all accounts the blade will smoothen out with use and more stropping, so apologies for the wall of text, but I've spent a good deal of work and reading to get to this point... maybe a set of hones, maybe a straight (don't make direct eye contact w/that rabbit hole)!
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