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SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?


Monday DECember 2

First shave of the month. Not sure what my focus is yet but starting with a razor and brush that are new to me.

Bowl/Scuttle - GP12
Soap - MWF
Brush - 30DC
Blade - GEM SS SE (1)
Razor - TNNSER 3D Clear
Post Shave - OSMA Pierre alum, RR Barbershop Blue A/S

Shave rating 5 of 5

5 days since last shave and I wanted to give these 2 new tools a try. I've got TNNSER 3D's in 2 other colors so was pretty confident in the shave I would get. Wasn't sure about the brush. I really like the handle but this is my first synthetic and I've never lathered with a synthetic. Well, it lathered really well and applied the lather well too. Maybe I won't have to replace the knot. I did a 2 pass shave, WTG and XTG and both passes were excellent, finished BBS. The MWF lathered really well as usual. The alum was a little vocal in a couple spots. Finished up with the Barbershop Blue A/S - I like this scent, just wish it lasted a little longer.

Happy DECember and great shaves everyone.
OneBlade Hybrid / Modified GEM (3rd) - 4 Days Growth, no problem

TBS Maca Root & Aloe
Lathered with my 30mm Tuxedo
Mentholated Witch Hazel
Old Spice Type AS Splash
Soap Commander Classic Spice (Endurance) Balm

Pleasantly surprised by just how clean the first pass was, as the OneBlade Hybrid removed as much as any other razor would have. (I have pretty quick growing mostly gray scruff, so there was quite a bit there). Did a full three passes, just to make sure I was back to glass smooth. Tempted to buy a Genesis while they're still 50% off for Cyber Monday.
Birthday SOTD

Razor: Ever-Ready Lather Catcher
Blade: Gem PTFE coated
Brush: Deadpool Whipped Dog 30mm Badger
Pre-Shave: Dr. Bronner's Lavender Soap
Lather: Williams Mug Soap
Aftershave: Avon Leather
Additional Care: Thayer's Witch Hazel

Tuesday 12.03.19 SOTD

DSCF0026 - Edited.png
RazoRock Pre Barba Pre Shave Gel
Pal InjectoMatic Injector Razor
Pal Hollow Ground Injector Razor Blade (5)
Yaqi Moka Express 26mm 2-Band Badger
RazoRock "What the Puck?!" Orange Sunrise
RazoRock XXX After Shaving Splash

DSCF0028 - Edited.png
SOTD Tuesday Dec 3 -2019

Razor : Oneblade Core V2 or 3-MFG 2019 (nice razor)
Blade : FHS-10 shown, experimenting with a Gem blade
Soap : Razorock XXX
Brush : Yaqi Rainbow 26 mm brown whiskers
Preshave: Brush wash my face with CeraVe hand bar soap, a dollop of Aloe Vera clear gel on beard area.
Postshave: Razorock XXX with witch hazel + Nivea balm
Results : CCS,DFS,BBs + no irritation + no weepers = :a17:
Tuesday SOTD (2).jpg
have some great shaves!
OneBlade Hybrid / Modified GEM (4th)

Old Spice Shave Cream
Mentholated Witch Hazel
Old Spice Scent AS (Home brew)
Soap Commander Classic Spice Balm

Razor: Schick Injector Type E3
Blade: Schick Injector Plus Chromium
Brush: Made Rite 177 TGN Pure Badger
Pre-Shave: Dr. Bronner's Lavender Soap
Lather: Barrister and Mann Beaudelaire
Aftershave: Stetson Cooling Moisture
Additional Care: Thayer's Witch Hazel

Shave 20191203

shave 20191203.jpg

Prep/Pre-shave: Neutrogena wash, apply Cremo
Brush: OMEGA 011842 Premium Pure Bristle
Soap: Speick Shave Stick
Bowl: Timeless Blue (to 'dip the tips')
Razor: RazoRock Black Hawk V2, Maggard MR11 Handle
Blade: Feather AC (5)
Post-shave: Crystal Alum Stick, Dickinson's Witch Hazel
Aftershave Balm: CeraVe Cream
Aftershave: Speick

WTG, ATG plus buffing and XTG touch--up.

DFS with one weeper, no nicks, cuts or irritation.