SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

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    EverReady Streamline | Pella Blade

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    GEM 1912 Damaskeene, GEM PTFE SS blade (3), Semogue 1305, Shulton OS Cream, early P+G OS Cologne
  2. Well today was Tech Tuesday, so I swung away from my beloved SE's this morning, but my evening shave will be this:

  3. It really makes me wonder why I thought no one was making SE razors any longer back in the 1950s-60s, and I thought I had to choose between DEs, electrics, and Injectors only. No, I never for a moment considered a straight then, nor will I do so now.
  4. Today was my Wilkinson Sword Empire #10 with Wedge blade. CO Bigelow cream/VDH Soap/Shave Secret super lather applied with my E&J Black Badger brush. After shave was witch hazel followed by L'oreal for Men face moisturizer and finished of with Catherine Herrera 212.
  5. 1912 Ever Ready with Ted Pella GEM coated SS blade.
    Razorock Classic with a Vie-Long brush.
    Alum, witch hazel, Nivea balm and a burn that didn't last as long as my last DE Feather burn.....
  6. or me it was my Ever Ready 1914, With a GEM PTFE SS blade, Creamo Cream, Alum Block, t.n Dickinson's witch hazel and some good Proraso Pre/Post Shave Cream, Loved it :eek:)
  7. Maybe I'm moving off topic but...that's a great mug (scuttle?). Can you tell me about it? Where you got it? How to use it? Etc.
  8. 1912 EverReady, GEM PTFE coated blade, Omega Pro 49 boar.
    Uberlather of Razorock Third Eye and Nancy Boy Blossomwood.
    Alum block, Proraso liquid cream AS.
  9. I was afraid posting a pic would do this. I am sworn to secrecy until I find another in case I drop this little jewel. Porcelain barber cup- fill the chamber with hot water like a scuttle, then make your lather in the other chamber that has the cross-hatching in the bottom that you can barely see under the Duke. I tend to face-lather, so I primarily just set my brush in there to stay warm for pass #2.
  10. I just used my Gem MM-CP, with a Gem Blue Star blade, Honey Bee's "Ye Olde barber Shop" soap, and a new Tweezerman badger brush. Maybe too much new, but the shave was great, and the scent is captivating. I decided not to dilute it for awhile, and just gave myself a cool water rinse for now.
  11. MMOC with a Walgreen's stainless steel blade.
  12. 1912 Ever Ready with Ted Pella GEM coated SS blade.
    Arko with a touch of KMF Mint with a Vie-Long brush.
    Alum, witch hazel, Nivea balm and a slight irritation because I went over yesterday's.

    Happy bunny

  13. GEM 1912 Loaded with a Ted Pella group buy blade
    An ├╝berlather of VDH and KMF
    Gillette Cool Water AS
  14. Ever ready 1924... Ted Pella group buy blade
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    GEM 1912 Damaskeene, GEM PTFE SS Blade (3), VDH Deluxe soap, Semogue 1305 brush, AV Splash
  16. I was in a rush to the office so I was not able to report on the quality of the shave.

    I had a few raspberries this morning, one under lip above my goatee, one above my lip and one on jaw line. Probably the third shave with the Ted Pellas that I had some minor issues. Not sure if I should be hand stroping these blades or not.
  17. I dont strop them at all and I have been getting irritation free DFS-BBS shaves each time.
  18. I think that since I was shaving with the CVS blades I got used to stroping the blades..even oiling them. Next time I switch out blades, I won't hand strop.
  19. Gam


    Today was the Cobra Classic/Kai Captain Milds (6)


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