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SE blades?

I have a question for you DE guys. I'm more of a straight shaver, myself, but I picked up a flawless Gem Micromatic for about 5 bucks a while back. I desperately want to try a shave with it, but I have no idea where to find singe edge blades.

Anyone here have some help?
Do you have a walgreens in your area? They usually sell personna brand SE blades that are of good quality. They are what I use.
Do you have a Walgreens drug store near you? They usually carry the American Safety Razor blades called "Gem by Personna". These are very good coated stainless steel blades.

If you can't find a local store that has blades, they are available, on line, in larger quantities, but I would hope you can find a local source to try out your razor.

Although the Micromatic isn't my personal favorite model, I do find that, in general, single edge razors give me the best shave of any safety razors that I've tried.

Unfortunately, Derby Professionals are actually split DE blades, made to be used Shavette-style razors.

They will not work in a Gem-style SE razor.

- Chris
Thanks for the info, guys. I live in the middle of no where, so the nearest Walgreens is probably about two hours away in Billings. I'm going to be there this weekend, I think. I'll stop in. Just in case, though, is there an online source for SE blades?
You can get these from amazon.com. They're also available in 10 pack, 50 pack and 100 pack. $4.99 shipping regardless, I believe.

- Chris
Thanks for the help, fellas. I found a Walgreens in Billings yesterday and had a DFS SE shave this morning. Those Gem Personnas could be a little more aggressive for my taste, but a fine shave none the less. Thanks again.
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