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Hey everyone. I am new to DE shaving and I'm looking at scuttles to round the experience out. Besides, I think my wife wants the cereal bowl back that I took :tongue_sm

So far, I've looked at scuttles on Etsy, Georgetown and Dirtyboy. Looking for some first hand experience with any of these.
I use the AOS fine badger brush and I'm still working through cream samples.

I've used a Georgetown scuttle for years and love it. I cant imagine shaving without one, there is something about warm lather that enriches shaving for me.
I have used the Sara Bonnyman Moss scuttle as well as a Dirtybird scuttle and both are wonderfully handmade pieces by two artists. Their business operations are small but the products are great.
I have both a Georgetown and a Dirty Bird. They are both great.

The Georgetown has more of a "formal" appearance while the DB is more rustic looking.

Either would be a good choice.
I have a Dirty Bird (not boy) 1.5, which I use quite often. I like it a lot. I also have a small size Moss Scuttle by Sara Bonnyman, which I don't like as much. It's too small to lather in, which I knew going in. My intention was to use it as a brush scuttle for face lathering. My experience with it is that it just doesn't keep the brush warm at all. I don't think it holds enough water to be effective. The DB, however, does a great job keeping lather warm. I even use it as a lather bowl when I don't warm the lather.

Just remember, when buying a scuttle, that it keeps lather warm, not hot. It is not a hot lather machine.
Just remember, when buying a scuttle, that it keeps lather warm, not hot. It is not a hot lather machine.

+1 for this observation; however IMHO warm lather really adds to the experience if not the effect of a great shave. I have a Becker scuttle I use daily. Robert Becker is based in San Antonio and sold his wares on Ebay in addition to having his own website (http://rabfeatsofclay.com/). Unfortunately, he is not taking any orders at this time according to his site. His prices are very competitive and his products are hard to beat if / when he starts selling again. If you are not in a hurry it might be worth your time to see if he starts selling again. Good luck with your search and decision.
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there are a number of potters making very good shaving scuttles.

Best thing to do is look at all of them and choose one that appeals to you aesthetically since it will be YOU that must live with it.

Performance wise, they are all pretty good at keeping lather warm while shaving.

Look into both a lather scuttle and a brush scuttle (for parking your face lathering brush between passes)
I think I'm with you on this. Im looking into them also as i love the warm lather shaves i get from my barber. Its all about the immersion for me. I just don't know what way to go.
I got mine at BoneAshPottery on Etsy. I love his unique scuttles and other pottery items. He has kind of a whimsical look to his pieces. I face lather and it works great! He was also a pleasure to work with.


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You will get many different opinions about why someone likes their particular scuttle over another, just like varying opinions regarding soaps or razors. My favorite is the Dirty Bird 1.5, but that is also the one I have the most experience with. If it didn't work so well, I'd like to try a Big Daddy Shaving Scuttle from The Mud Place, as Leslie has made other items for me, and the quality of her work and customer service were top notch. Any of the scuttles mentioned will do a good job at warming lather. Pick one that fits your eye and you will probably be pleased with it. There are quite a few quality scuttles on etsy. Many people have liked one by Yoresh in Israel. I would just make sure that the bowl is at least 4.5 inches across or wider.
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I use a Dirty Bird scuttle (I have both the regular and 1.5 versions). Great quality and highly recommend.
Imo, warm lather really enhances the shaving experience.
I just posted this in Shopping Deals Thread::
I just called Georgetown Pottery about their discounted Scuttle seconds. I was inquiring about a G20 and was told they had pretty much every color in seconds. I got a G20 Scuttle that sells for $62 for $35. They explained that the second are slight cosmetic flaws only like maybe a pinhole in the glaze or other small imperfections. This is a great deal if anyone was thinking about buy one but didn't want to pay full price.

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