Scuttle Mug Issues

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    So I got a Georgetown Pottery G12 Scuttle Mug. I really want to like it but I have been having issues. Every shave I have had with it has been terrible...I have a great shave every time I don’t use it. I think the heat from the scuttle mug makes the lather really light and airy. The lather dissipates extremely quickly and offers no protection. Is this normal with the heat from a scuttle mug?
  1. If the scuttle is too hot the lather drys off and collapses. You need to use water at a lower temperature to avoid this issue. You want a warm lather not hot lather.
  2. Is your water exceptionally hot? You may need to add more water to your lather to compensate or dial down the heat a bit, or both.

    This coming from a face lather though, I only use a brush scuttle so the lather is built on face and the brush/lather is kept warm between passes.
  3. I was pretty set on just selling it but maybe I need to try a bit more. I started with tap water (as hot as it would go which wasn’t that hot) which barely made the lather warm. Then I tried boiling water in it which was when the dissipation problems started.
  4. With ceramics you need to warm them up first to get the heat in. Do a fill of the base and bowl to warm it up, use that time to soak your brush in the bowl. After ~ 3 minutes, refill the base and make your lather and it should give you the warm lather you seek. Boiling water will kill any lather in a very short time.
  5. +1! This ^
  6. I also use really water. I warm it up using an electric kettle.

    I warm the scuttle with hot tap water. When I'm ready to shave I fill with hot tap water (3/4) and then add kettle water (1/4) to add more heat. If your water is too hot, as mentioned, your lather will disappear.

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