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Scuttle immersion heater

in the elusive search for warm lather, I had been using a rather light-weight travel immersion heater to warm up the water bath of a two piece scuttle.
well, like most immersion heaters, after several months, it just wouldn't heat any more.
found this 500w "Bush" immersion heater on amazon and in a test today, it did great.
quickly brought water in the bottom section to a near boil.
then the water cools down to about 135 deg f. and the pottery seems to hold it there for at least 15 minutes.
using musgo cream from tube in the lather bowl, and sprinkling water from the bottom with the brush, gives me lather around 120 degrees.
about 10-15 deg warmer than just using my hottest 'tap' water and 10 deg warmer than the former immersion heater.
and I would not want to get a lather much hotter, for fear of it drying out.
yes, the heater is made in china.

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