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Scuttle feedback sought

I’m a scuttle lover. I have all mentioned above and about every other contemporary make as well as a pile of antiques.

My opinion, much of the dirty bird designs are what I want in a scuttle. I like texture in the bowl. I like glazed to clean out well. I like the lip to hold lather and to scrape the brush. I like the amply large pour/fill mouth. I like the size of the large lather bowl. The handle is fine but not 100% comfortable to me for some reason. My greatest critique would be it is very heavy. It is a trade off for thicker ceramic I know….but it is quite heavy compared to many others I have.

Contrary to others, I would never own/keep any “two-piece” scuttle and don’t really consider that a scuttle at all. Just a bowl in a bowl.

1. What do you look for in a scuttle?
Above summary

2. What do you like / dislike?
The worst dislikes to me are tiny water fill hole which is bad for filling and emptying and also any that is simply too small.

3. Which color is a favorite of yours?
Many including white…somehow don’t have a green one yet?

4. Any thoughts on a handle style - what is ideal? A loop handle or a post handle that sticks out?
Loop please, post is not enough for full scuttle.

5. Glaze finish - glossy? Matte?
Glossy but nothing wrong with matte
Having a purpose built scuttle of proper dimensions with a removeable inner cup that was glazed would be a win for me.

As well as face lathering, I use a variety of lather bowls and poor man scuttle setups. My first string lather bowls, in order of size, are 4oz and 8 oz Vollrath stainless culinary prep bowls followed by my beloved Captain's Choice copper bowls.

My mid-sized poor man scuttle is the 8oz prep bowl sitting in a copper bowl. My big poor man is a copper bowl sitting in hot water in the sink. These improvisations have some obvious drawbacks.

I even use a 'poor man brush scuttle' to keep my brush warm when purely face lathering. 4oz prep bowl perched in a pewter 'Jefferson' cup.

I think an attractive two part (bowl and base) scuttle with good heat retention would be a very solid competitor with the heavy scuttles that are on the market. The size and weight of existing scuttles has kept me from buying one. For me, lifting the bowl out of the base is an essential feature when building lather, adding a bit of water, or moving the lather to my face.

One base could pair with bowls of different sizes. I make differing amounts of lather and use different shapes and sizes of brush knots, so I would probably buy multiples sizes of bowl to use with the base, if that was an option. And if I drop one of my bowls on the tile floor, perhaps I would be able to replace only that part of the scuttle set.

I think I'll order mine in a dark glaze, black with a hint of color. If I had school colors, maybe you could let me mix and match the base and bowl. Wait, I have sent kids to three different universities. This might be a big order.
I regularly use the Georgetown G12. I had a much larger scuttle before that and prefer one I can hold in my left hand while building lather.

I very much prefer a hole with a plug for two reasons:
1. I did a test and the plug retains heat considerably better.
2. I have no cleaning issues as I leave the plug in until the scuttle is cleaned out.

The D handle is a must. I am open to just about any finish that works.
I have a dirty bird and GTP 20

1. What do you look for in a scuttle? - Durability, attractive shape, Able to hold heat for 3 passes or longer, Hand crafted from excellent material.

2. What do you like / dislike? - I love tinny hacks. For example, the dirty bird handle has a crease down the middle. Its purpose is for you to lay your brush there with out it falling off. It actually secures the brush very well. The more little hacks like that you can come up with and add the better. I also prefer a larger hole in the spigot in order to pour water in and out. I like the large bowl and lots of ridges inside. I also like the rim to have some sort of lip that keeps lather from creeping over the edge as much

3. Which color is a favorite of yours? - I like this green with the brick brown. No one sells one in these colors. Could even do this green with yellow. I like cottage like colors if that makes sense. Wooden barrels, fire places, green plants, darker but bright flower colors, etc


Blue and brown is always a winner. colors added to black and gray are cool too

4. Any thoughts on a handle style - what is ideal? A loop handle or a post handle that sticks out? I think I like D handles too.

5. Glaze finish - glossy? Matte? Both can be cool. I think I like gloss best, But I have a baby bird scuttle from DB and I think it is considered a Mat finish ( not 100% sure on that) and it is beautiful. Glossy ones tend to dull down a bit once you get tiny little splashes of lather that go over the side on it. You have to shine them up from time to time. I love the look of runny glaze
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