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Scuba's review of LA Shave Soap Bespoke #1

First off, many thanks to Harry for allowing me the opportunity to try this stuff. It's actions like his that make B&B a great place to be on the interwebs.

Being a "veteran" of Topanga, I can say that the efficacy of LA Shavings' creations is not in dispute...it's a fantastic soap that creates a rich, thick lather. I've used the Topanga dozens of times and each time I'm impressed with the lather and subsequent shave.

Once the main aspect of the soap is settled the only real issue left then is a discussion of scent. Unless the scent is like Arko and hotly debated whether it's even tolerable to the nose, then scents are a nice to have byproduct, but not entirely necessary for a quality soap product.

The Topanga is a great scent to me because it's earthy but with subtle undertones of other scents I often can't place. In the end, Bespoke #1 is essentially the same thing...strong basenote with subtle other hints.

Fragrantica.com calls Vetiver:

The best features of vetiver, the aromatic verdancy, the fragrant rootiness, the subtle, refreshing citrusiness, the enjoyable earthiness, a wonderful hint of woodiness, and a certain Guerlainesque leathery-ambery darkness in the drydown.

With Bespoke, the majority of the time I get rootiness and earthiness. That said, it has surprised me on every other shave with a hint of something else. The other day, I was thinking of licorice and I noticed there was anise in the scent. I've also gotten the faint hint of Amber once or twice.

The bottom line on this stuff is that it is fantastic soap with a scent that is faint but very pleasant and has hidden gems that pop out and surprise the senses from time to time. There is no doubt the basenote is earthiness...my wife said it should be called "hint of greenhouse" and I agree with her assessment. If you're looking for a standard cologne scented soap, look elsewhere. Topanga's secondary scents are stronger IMHO...I get more fragrance out of it than I do Bespoke. That is not to say I dislike the latter at all, simply that Topanga is more vibrant. Bespoke's strengths are at once it's complexity and subtle nature at the same time...you find yourself really wondering what you're smelling and that curiosity keeps you coming back for more.

Well done Harry and again, many thanks for the opportunity!
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