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Screwed up making a leopard wood handle (pics), question about swapping handles on brushes, and opening/knot diameter issues.

Long time lurker, first time poster. I’ve been wet shaving with my Merkur DE and Parker best badger for 10 years, and decided to treat myself to something different. I picked up a 24mm knot only - ”super high density high mountain white silvertip gel tipped bulb”. I originally planned to try my hand at creating a handle out of leopardwood, but managed to screw it up. Probably should have seen that coming, since until today I had never used a lathe before (I’m borrowing it from my brother)... though I do have more wood, so I may give it a second attempt after trying on some scrap wood instead of exotic wood. Here‘s a link to what I tried doing on my own:

So, now that I know I can‘t turn a handle, I’ve decided to buy one instead. I saw a resin purple/gold/green handle on Amazon which appeals to my “patriotism“ (I live in Louisiana and those are the Mardi Gras colors), so I was thinking of getting it. The downside is that it has a cheap synthetic brush already in place. I was wondering if anyone has experience taking out a brush and replacing it? I don’t mind if the synthetic one gets destroyed, so I guess worst case I could just grind it out?

Last issue... the knot is 24mm. The only handle with that color scheme I can find is 26mm. Would it be ok to use the larger opening for the smaller knot? My thinking is that a slightly larger opening (26mm) would allow my 24mm knot to fan/spead out wider. I’m thinking if I got a 24mm opening, the hair would all stand up straight and not spread much after leaving the hole. Could anybody comment on this as well?

If it matter, here’s the knot that I bought:

and here’s the handle I may get:

CSB Barber Handle Soft Yellow Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush 26mm Amazon.com : CSB Barber Handle Soft Yellow Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush 26mm : Beauty - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FVH7HB7
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