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    Let me start off by saying'I hate you all!':001_tongu. Since my last shave, on Friday morning, I have acquired 9 new razors. The black beauty I inquired about Friday morning and then these this morning after looking on Craigslist last night: 20170319_112657.jpg
    The 2 on the sides are plastic handled schick slants, from top to bottom:
    Schick..don't know
    1968 (1) Gillette Knack
    1965 (4) Fatboy
    1961 (3) Fatboy
    GEM Micromatic slant (Pats. 1739280 and 1773614)
    Gillette open comb ball end with no markings.
    What is the last Gillette and who do you recommend for refinishing?
    Thanks for the new addiction!!!
  1. matwho

    matwho Contributor

    Great score. If the micromatic is a lather catcher ( closed comb ) I have one and they give great shaves. I believe the Gillette is an old.
  2. It is and is stamped 'clog free'
  3. Your two "fatboys" are actually a slim and a slim aristocrat.
    Like @matwho said, the last is an old type, sometimes sold as a "brownie" sold from 1921-29.
    The Micromatic is a fun little razor.
  4. Highspeedlane

    Highspeedlane Contributor Contributor

    You have all the razors you'll ever need, great haul.
  5. Thanks Domm. My knowledge of vintage razors is less than a week old and I've used this forum and Google for my limited base.
  6. ItsTaz

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    You've been into vintage razors for one week, but only have 8 razors to show for all that time? You need to pick up the pace.

    Excellent score. Congrats.
  7. That's a GEM Micromatic Clog-Pruf, excellent shaver. (and it's not a slant)

    The OLD is from '21-'28, also an excellent razor.
  8. Toby it's the old adage about assume! I figured with the angle of the head when closed that the GEM was a slant.
    I'm shocked how much info I've gathered on this site in such a short amount of time.
  9. Most single edge razors are angled that way to make it easier to get the right angle for shaving, you can't do that with a double edge because you have to use both edges.
  10. We're always here to help, stick around and you'll have as much fun sharing information about razors as we do!

    The slant razors torque the blade so that when in the razor, the blade slants up to down (or down to up) when looking at it edge wise from the blade edge.

    Here's a Coles slant (identical to the Hoffritz)
    The odd angles on the head are not an illusion, the edges actually angle that way.
  11. Let me start by saying I hate them all too....but not NEARLY as much as the War Department does. She says I don't need any help in busting the budget, lol.
  12. Domm,
    Let me ask then is the chrome the slim and the gold the aristocrat?
  13. Yes, gold is aristocrat and nickel is slim.
    The slim aristocrat and slim were identical but for plating.
    The fatboy and fatboy executive had different knurling. The fatboy had slanted knurling while the executive had squared knurling similar to the slim.
  14. Nice job, an instant collection........
  15. imatabor

    imatabor Contributor

    Wow what a score. All great razors for sure. Shave with each and let us know what you think.
  16. Great job! Very nice Slim Crat. I have my wife's Grandfather's. It's only been used a few times.

  17. Highspeedlane

    Highspeedlane Contributor Contributor

    Whoa, nice to have a family heirloom Adam.

    As a young kid in the 60's I remember seeing a DE razor on the sink in the bathroom of my grandparent's home, but to me it was just a "razor". Wish I could remember exactly what it looked like.
  18. Thanks, Lane. I wish you could too! It was probably a Toggle for the LOVE OF PETE!!!!

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  19. Highspeedlane

    Highspeedlane Contributor Contributor

    Of course! :)

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