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Schone open comb razor

Doesn't ship to Australia. The only way is to have it posted to a US onforwarding service and then mailed on to Australia from there. So doubling the razor's cost and changing it from a very attractive proposition to an overly expensive one.
Thats very sad news.! I just shaved with my Schone today with an Astra SS blade with X11 shaves on it. It was a DFS with no drag or tug by the Astra SS blade. I would still go for it because after using the Schone for awhile I would easily pay 50 Bucks for it if I had too.!:a33:
But final cost delivered would be closer to $75 than $50 so that made me balk. I already bought a Fatip Grande based on its glowing reviews only for it to be added to my growing list of razors put aside until my "technique improves"...

I ended up punting on a Gillette Old Type and a New Long Comb (head only) instead. So fingers crossed when I take delivery of them they will be in a useable condition.
I think the Fatlip is a close cousin of the Scone.?

Apparently but "even better, silkier smoother, new improved!" But unless I can wangle one for a good deal less than $75 I guess I'll never know...
I have to go 3 passes & touch up with the Gillette Tech & clones for a DFS. With the Schone its only 2 passes & touch up & done for a DFS. It leaves no irritation on my neck area like the Gillette Tech does. The Schone is one good razor IMO.
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