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Doug, I would love to see any readily available pictures of the razors you are using. I am bad about ID'ing these tools that aren't Gillettes. Also if anyone wants to glance at my previous posts- I am assuming that I have been using a "g" and that my back-up with the new blade is an "f." (an aside: I am looking forward to going back to the DE and particularly the new-to-me slim that I acquired since I ended up giving my first one to my son.) I have decided to go the full distance through October 31 so as not to abandon mftoms, who I unfairly judged in recent posts above and who has tenaciously stuck out Schicktober and taught an old dog a thing or two in the process. Thanks again mftoms! I wish you a DFS tomorrow morning if you decide to shave :001_smile after this mornings' shave!

Krona & Personna Med the rest of the way, and I don't feel you've unfairly judged me. I'll post tomorrow evening on my Morning Shave, Many Thanks to all who have participated and followed this thread.
I've never tried a schick but I'd like to be part of SchickTober. If anyone has a Schick Krona (user grade) they'd part with, send me a PM.

Schicktober is about over, maybe we can do a Schickuary, I've done two months straight and need a Gillette, L6 & Clog-Pruf fix.
Thanks mftoms! I was feeling bad about that after all the help you have been to me this month- :mellow:
Since the serial numbers seem to ID the heads and not the handles, I found that the link above had the pictures I needed to identify the Schicks I have been using this month. I now know that I have been incorrectly calling one of my razors (the one with the bakelite handle) an "F" when it is actually, most likely an "E." I say most likely an "E" because it says "made in Canada" and does not have a serial number but says "1937" which puts it before the G or F. The head is structurally identical to the 1806087 (G head serial number) but the one obvious change between the G and the E is that bakelite handle. BTW my G is probably a G-8.
Oh yea, I am content with a dozen shaves per blade, so I went for second shave on the "E." What a delight to be on a new blade! It was, as they say, one DFS.
Today was the last shave with the J-1. Tomorrow I'll pick up the J-3 and do a week with it, then it will be back to my Superspeed or my Slim.
Ron V thanks for the Link; I now know I have 6 G-1's, an E-3 with the Brown Case, J-1 & an M-2. Two of my G's have a textured Gold-Tone Head are they still G-1?
mftoms: I guess I am just going to be content most of the time to know within a few years where any model fits in-- seems like they often throw in an injector when you buy a lot (injectors confuse some vendors- they write that they do not have a key or the pictures show signs of someone trying to pry them open). I have not spent any time rehabbing or messing with cases myself but the cases seem to help with IDing and who knows if it is in its original case. When you look at that link, there are some models made of precious metals- that is a blessing and a curse with the price of gold so high now. The bakelite handles are what attract me however!
Dave: I am glad you got a Schick. If I had sent you one, it would have been a G or E. I am going to hunt around and see if I can find anything really cool to clean up to use and post pictures of in January. I think that I am only interested in the injectors. I saw a post in another thread of a really old Schick. It looked like a paint scraper and I would have been reluctant to shave with it.
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Today was the J-3 "Golden 500". I now have a near BBS. I will use it again tomorrow and then switch back to my Gillettes.
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Today was my last shave for October since I'm off the next two days. The Krona & Med Personna, going for #5 on the blade, provided a comfortable two-pass DFS, the face lather was Tabac & my Rudy Vey/ Vie-Long Horse Hair. Time to Break out the Gillette SS for November's Shave, and I look Forward to my two week participation in the Ultimate Brush Chronicle featuring the 12705 Natural Brown & 13723 Banded Vie-Long Horse Hair Brush.

RonV, The Design & Handles were my attraction to the Injector Razors also, with the; E, G, J & M, I'm pretty satisfied and would only add a B or C type Injector since they look Pretty Cool.
Thanks again to you all, it's been Fun & I'm still up for a Schickuary if anyone is interested.
Originally I thought that I would use my J-3 to shave with tomorrow but to finish Schicktober, I'll use my Krona with a Wilkinson Sword Classic blade.
So, today I shaved with my Krona and a Wilkinson Sword Classic. I got a CCS after two passes with C.O. Bigelow cream. I ended Schicktober as I began it.
I think I am going to give in, once more, to my Rad and get a Krona before January. A few of my friends will get injectors for holiday presents.
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