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Day 7 on same blade-- every bit as good as Day 6. mftoms-- I will try face lathering with the Tabac-- to see if the Tabac itself could be the difference, but I am going to seriously miss that bowl of creamy lather.

While I like Face Lathering, I do Bowl lather every few days to give my Face a little rest, do to sensitive Cheeks & Neck, too many days of Face Lathering will result in red,dry & itchy blotches.

As for the Injector shave today... postponed due to lack of whiskers, the Krona and Personna Med two-pass yesterday was very close, just a bit more than a 5 O'Clock. I did a Krona one-pass to get through work today & will due another @ 9PM, no shave Friday, and the Injector #14 will be done on Saturday Morning with a 32 hour Growth.
Day 8- face lathered w/ Tabac - another great shave! It would appear that I am going to hit 15. Thanks for the challenge mftoms, face lathering is once again an option-- it is a heck of a lot quicker and requires less space and clean-up.
I had a shave with a Schick E type, the one with the butterscotch Catalin (Bakelite) handle and the Chinese injector blades. Quite nice. Enjoy your October!
Day 8- face lathered w/ Tabac - another great shave! It would appear that I am going to hit 15. Thanks for the challenge mftoms, face lathering is once again an option-- it is a heck of a lot quicker and requires less space and clean-up.

I'll take credit for getting you to try it, the Tabac Lather is what sold you. I'll post my Shave #14 results tomorrow after work, the 32 hour growth should be a decent test to how sharp and smooth the blade may be, definitely a Tabac Face lather with my "Green Lantern" Horse Hair.
Friday morning,

Schick Injector Razor N3 w/ Schick blade (7)
Rooney 1/1 Best Badger Brush,
Arko shave soap w/ hot water lather,
finish w/ cold water rinse for a CCS!

The Chinese Schick blade gave close, comfortable shaves for a full week!
Day 9- best shave ever? This is ridiculous. Bowl lathered with Tabac-- man is that stuff good! But I honestly have to say that 9 shaves later on this Chinese blade is absolutely amazing. I am going to get bored doing this before I actually have to switch. In anticipation of that boredom, and for strictly scientific reasons, I cleaned up another, nearly identical Schick that I got off ebay for about $4 and I loaded it up with a new blade. I am going to shave with that tomorrow just to see if I can tell the difference.
This morning I had #14, a Tabac Face lather with the Vie-Long/Rudy Vey Brush & a two-pass DFS, WTG& XTG, very smooth and sharp cutting blade. Still no pulling and shaving the neck & chin I received loud Audible feedback, I don't know if it's due to the Tabac being so protective or the blade still being that sharp. I think #15 will be in November during the Ultimate Brush Chronicles, featuring the Vie-Long Horse Hair #12705 & 13723, I'll try it with some VDH Luxury Soap, a non-tallow & inexpensive soap a few steps below Tabac.

RonV, I have a second Chinese Blade with three shaves in the "J" Razor & plan on testing it with a Head Shave, the last one before Colder weather really sets in, definitely going with Tabac as my soap since this is my first attempt with an Injector. I still haven't tried the adjustable Injector I purchased last month, so I may break that out for on last Injector Face Shave on the 25th.

These last two months of Schicks only have been very enjoyable, but I lok forward to getting back to my SS & Micromatic Clog-Pruf for a couple of shaves. I'll post my Head Shave Results sometime Monday afternoon.

I am wondering how different a first shave on the blade will feel compared to the ninth.:w00t:
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Exactly my experience. Same or nearly the same as G- this guy says made in Canada. Nearly nicked self this morning with new blade but atribute that to my own adjustment to new blade. I have noticed that both razors demand your attention and, for me, take extra care around nosrtrils- just like a more agressive DE I guess. I am going to revert to G with old blade to get as close as possible to 15 shaves within Shicktober.
Just got in from work, and 35 hours since my last Injector shave I have a good amount of stubble, I'm thinking about using the Adjustable "M" now instead of holding off for Tuesday. I'll use another Chinese Blade, testing longevity to see if there is any Variance depending on the type of Injector, I'm guessing it should last the same amount of shaves give or take 1 or 2. As usual I'll be using Tabac, my go to when checking a new Blade, Razor or Brush. I'll check back in after the shave, which means I probably won't need one tomorrow but I'll be trying the "J" on my Head so I'll satisfy my Shaving Need that way.

Add: I just finished my first Adjustable "M" injector Shave, I placed the setting to the mid-point, 4.5 since there are 8 marks, this set the Blade Gap comparable to the "G" to my eye. I like the Long Handle and the balance was fine. I face Lathered Tabac and completed a two-pass, WTG,XTG, No Touch-up on the Jawline or under both sides of my Chin, so except for those areas I received a BBS Shave. I finished off with a Brut Splash, nice tingle with an extra burn on my left side-burn area, I'm guessing Poor Angle, too much Pressure or a bit of Both. No touch-up was done since I'm off the next two days, so I plan on Shave #15 with the EverSharp Tuesday Night and subsequent shaves on that Blade Thursday & Saturday, for #'s 16 & 17 before ending Schicktober.
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Day 10 on blade in G. Still great. Got Cella in on Saturday and used today. Really good. Love that Pinaud Bay Rum!
Today was shave #4 on the Chinese Blade in my "J", I decided to give Injector Head Shaving a try, usually I use my G-Bar for Head Shaves and get good results despite the big head and short handle.

The Lather was a Combo, Tabac Soap & Tabac SC Bowl lathered with my TGN Black Badger, I really liked how it felt the scritch was perfect for massaging the head stubble, helping the lather soften my hair.

Unlike my face shaves, I don't use WTG passes and start from the Base of my neck toward the Crown and up around the ears. The injector does need to be rinsed often to remove the stubble. The ribbed handle of the "J" is necessary to maintain a good grip as my hands become wet with water & lather and the longer handle makes it easier to control. The first pass removed more hair than my SE ever has, no skipping or tugging & it was very easy to maintain the proper angle.

The second pass was just as smooth and after a bit of buffing, I total BBS was accomplished, I received two nicks in the usual places. One behind the Right Ear, on the bone that is just above your earlobe and one on the top right near the Crown, whether using Carts or the SE I always get them. I think because I'm left-handed and they are always on the right side, it's just an uneducated guess.

The Cold Water rinse was refreshing, no sting and I applied Brut Splash mixed with 444 ASB... AGHHHHHHH, OHHHHH which is my usual reaction. A Strong Sting with a little burn on the nicks, this usually lasts ~20 seconds and calms quickly & I actually like it :w00t:.

I think my G-Bar will be retired, as I use my Clog-Pruf for SE Face Shaves, and passed on to my 3 year-old Son.

I'll be trying the "J" for #5 with a Face Shave, I'm curious how well the blade will hold it's edge.
As George Carlin says, "Whatsa matter with you guys? You can't wait to go bald naturally like the rest of us?". Or something like that. But day 11 is good. No need to change blade; Cella face lather and Pinaud Bay Rum.I have to admit that I find myself yearning for the old DE however. I see why we do not have a lot of daily checkins to this thread. I am happy you stayed thru October with it though!
RonV, it's been fun doing this and although I'm on the second month of Schicks, participated in the Schick September Thread, I've had my Krona DE to alternate with my Injector Shaves. I do miss using my SE Clog-Pruf, L6 & Gillette SS and will get in a few weeks with them in November. I was a bit disappointing for the low level of participation, but I was curious about the longevity of the Chinese Injector Blades and this thread seemed like the place to post my results and continue the experiment. I'll continue using this blade until the shaves aren't comfortable, they may peter out soon, I'm estimating 20 shaves since #14 was still smooth and irritation free.
I know it is the end of the month, but I finally found a injector in my price range. I also found the Schick blades at a local pharmacy.

I had my first ever injector shave on Saturday. It was very smooth and easy! I had very close to BBS on my face, and BBS on the dome. My trouble spot on my neck was not much trouble. The LOTH said my head felt like silk when she rubbed it.

Today was day four on the blade. Still a great shave, both face and head. The thing I am amazed with most is the longevity of the blade. The longest I have gone on a blade is three head and face shaves, and that was pushing it. I routinely just go two days, and bin the blade. Today felt just as smooth as day one.

Thanks for putting on Schicktober, without it I would not have RADed in the direction of an injector.
I have been shaving with my father's J-1 and a Chinese blade this week. I have been getting CCS every day so far. The shaves with the new to me Krona and a Personna blade last week were also smooth and close. Too bad we can't get Energizer to re-release the injector razor as a "green" alternative to cartridge razors.
I've been following along closely and using the various injectors I've recently acquired. But the reason my posts are scrace is because - my shaves are quite boring ; ) I shave mostly in the shower with Schick Hydro gel. I had one bad experiece because of the angle I was holding the handle, once I learned to hold it flat against my face its been smooth sailing. My routine hasn't changed much from my days using carts just a coupla months back.

I may close out the month using a Schick Slim Twin cartridge razor just for fun ; )
I finished my EverSharp "G" shave, #15 on the Chinese Blade; I Face Lathered Klar Kabinett Klassik scent and completed a two-pass, WTG,XTG without Touch-up. The first pass, WTG, was very smooth still no tugging, skipping or pulling, no nicks or weepers. I re-applied my second lather and had a bit of tingle/burn around the cheeks & Chin, the XTG pass was good but I had a little redness on the chin. This has been my first non-Tabac shave on this blade and I wonder if that had prevented irritation on my last couple of shaves. To test this theory, I'll use this Blade again on Thursday Morning, Face Lathering with Tabac. Otherwise I'd say you can probably get 12 Comfortable Shaves from the Chinese Blades, YMMV.

RonV, I'd be curious to know what soap or cream you've been using, I'm curious how #12 will be for you since for me, that was slightly rough.
I'm on #12 - no problem. Cella is my new favorite soap. I finally settled on a combination of face and bowl lathering. I soak the brush a few minutes in hot water and wet the soap with hot water. I really load up brush and face lather. The Cella soap does not dry very quickly so I love it. I whip up a little lather in an old wooden salad bowl (small bowl) and complete lather process. I do it this way because the mornings are getting cold and the warm face lathering takes place of splashing the water in my face. (FYI, our water does not get hot enough so I boil water in a kettle and take a huge mug filled with boiling water into my shave den-- it does me the entire shave.) I really will have no problem getting to #15- at which point, I will just change horses out of boredom. Mftoms, could not have done it without you, man- I would have quit way back. I am finding I like these more recent shaves because I can bear down on the razor more and get the difficult spots! This is going to be a problem when I move to the new blade again. I am also finding that I like the look of these old bakelite handled razors. I have four now in various states of decay- but they are very cheap to pick up and easy to clean up- I am experimenting with various handle repairs. I will probably give two away to friends as gifts if I can get them in shape.
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