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I,m going to carry the baton from doug1066 and keep this going in Oktober. Just a heads up here, I shave every other day in the shower...I'll try and rotate between the 3 razors I recently acquired. I have two injectors...an I and an L type...and a DE Krona. Here's the gear:

I'm in since I want to discover how long the Chinese Made Schick blades can deliver comfortable shaves, had #11 Friday & #12 will be Monday. I'll also continue with a "J" & another Chinese Schick blade W/ one Shave, I'm contemplating a Head Shave with this Model or the "M" Adjustable which awaits it's Maiden Shave. I think I'll load a Personna 74 in the Adjustable and give those the longevity Test. For my in-between injector shaves, when I'm just needing a simple one pass it's the Krona, I'm really loving this DE in performance and the looks of the Black & Silver Design. This DE Provides a simple, mild shave and the Plastic Handle Never Slips, I think the Design & Shave is Better than the Gillette "Cheapie" Knack, which I also enjoyed using. I think I've Rambled enough, Now let's have another Month of Schick Fun.
I went ahead yesterday and gave the I model a try using original Schick super chromium blades. Blades loaded effortlessly into the razor compared to the EMS loader which is a bit quirky. I'm a little boring and I'm having a tough time letting go of the canned stuff, so I went with what I know. I had a nice two pass shave with no cuts and irritation at all...I'm liking the Schick injectors very much so far ; )
Today was Shave #12 on the Chinese Made Schick blade, using my EverSharp "G" Injector, I decided to test a Basil & Herb scented "Latherless" Natural Cream I picked up on the Bay, a 4oz jar @$3.50. I did a quick one minute cold water hydration on my whiskers, 54 hour growth, and applied a small almond size of cream to my face, massaging in with my fingers. The cream left a thin white film, very, very SLICK, total massage time ~30-40 seconds. The First pass was WTG, very smooth & close, no tugging or skipping, I really didn't feel the blade as it glided over the whiskers, rinsed my face & it felt Silky & Slick. The Second Pass was XTG on the Cheeks & Chin, ATG on my Neck was performed without any irritation. No Nicks, weepers or Burn, a very smooth pass & BBS, a cold water rinse was followed by a Brut Aftershave Splash, Absolutely no Burn. The Blade performed very well, still comfortable no redness, irritation or Burn so I'll continue shaving with this Blade, I think 20 shaves may be attainable.
Last night I went back to the DE Krona...normal routine in the shower with canned Barbasol. I dunno, most agree the Krona is a mild shaver but my feels a bit more aggressive than the Injectors. I'm only using a Red Israeli blade...it gives a great shave, but with slightly more skin irritation. Tomorrow, I'm gonna go back to my I type and try some Bigelow cream in a tube I just acquired. See you then...
This Morning's Shave was with the "J" & Chinese Schick blade, Face Lathered Tabac Soap (participating in Tabactober) with my Vie-Long Horse set in a Rudy Vey Jade Green Handle. A smooth 2 pass, WTG & XTG, from the "J" which I find milder than my EverSharp and the Shave was a quick BBS, I finished with Speick Aftershave & Brut Cologne to start my Work Week. Looking Forward to tomorrow's Shave, the Krona DE should suffice since I can't feel any stubble while writing this post. More than likely a one pass under the Jawline & Chin, I plan on using the Zirh Latherless Cream with Aloe, no need to use a brush on a quickie shave and the Cream leaves my Face smooth and moisturized.

Big W, You might rethink your blade angle & Pressure on the Krona if you find it irritating, the Injectors are a bit easier for keeping the proper angle but I find they are much more Aggressive than Most of the DEs I've tried. For me the Krona is a non-thinking, easy shave to complete, when I'm too lazy or tired to concentrate... I mean that in a complimentary way because I enjoy using it as much as my SS.


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Well, as I am known as Schick Old man, I must reveal that I shaved today with the M, on 8, with a two week old Platinum Plus .. as always
a Quick one pass this Morning with my Krona & Face Lathered Tabac Soap for another fine shave, tomorrow is another Shave with the "J" Injector & I'll Face Lather some Speick Cream with a Vie-Long Horse/ Badger combo 23mm knot.
I had a smooth two pass shave with the "J" injector today, face lathered the Speick Cream with my 14833 Vie-Long Horse/Badger mix @ 57mm/23mm, a pretty nice exfoliating Brush with good Backbone, finished off with Speick AS & Tabac EDC. I won't need to shave for ~38 hours, not enough stubble before then so Monday Afternoon it's back to the EverSharp "G", going for #13 on the same Chinese Blade.
I just got my injector blades from Amazon (no where on them do I see "made in China" so I may have the wrong blades- but they are Schick and they fit perfectly)-- so I cleaned up my original razor- the Schick EverSharp passed down to me from my dad. I got most of the barnacles off it and it is as clean as I can ever remember. I can't wait to try it tomorrow. It has been many years since I last shaved with it. This was the razor that I first cut my face on. As I recall, I will need to allow extra time and go slowly with this little jewel because it naturally wants to go fast and it is sharp as hell and fearsomely angled. This is going to be fun. I may not be able to wait until tomorrow. I may just shave tonite!
... so Monday Afternoon it's back to the EverSharp "G", going for #13 on the same Chinese Blade.

Well, I skipped the Injector, make that any shave until this Morning. I went with a Bowl Lather of Tabac Soap with my Vie-Long Horse Badger Mix 54mm/23mm, and did a 2 pass Krona Shave using an Astra SP w/4 Shaves. I wound up with a very comfortable DFS, which is good enough for my Day-Off, and finished with an Aqua Velva Musk AS Splash mixed with 444 ASB.
I'll probably go for #13 later this week, I just wanted to get a couple of DE shaves in as I've been using an Injector ~80% for the past 6 weeks.
I just got my injector blades from Amazon (no where on them do I see "made in China" so I may have the wrong blades- but they are Schick and they fit perfectly)...

It's on the Back of the Box only, definitely Chinese & They're Great! .

It was worth the effort of cleaning this guy up and the blades are great. I will see how many shaves I get out of one blade now. I sacrificed two in the cleanup process because the razor was so dirty. It was in sad shape and I wanted to get out all the soap scum and whatever before using. This was not the dangerous experience I thought it would be-- probably because the last time I used this razor I was a teenager and had zero impulse control and not much shaving experience--- but it was different than the DE shaving which I have grown accustomed to. A good shave and a nice change. No blood and gore. This one may make the rotation. It is so light, I may have to get another one for travel:w00t:.
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I went in whole different direction this time and shaved in front of the sink and mirror rather than my usual shower shave. I also ditched the can and used a brush with Bigelow shaving cream. The razor of choice was my recently acquired "J" series Hydro-Magic loaded with a brand new "Chick" blade. I've learned that the injectors can be a bit deceiving in that they feel like a cart type razor in hand and you tend to shave like your holding one of those...be careful they are not and are very sharp. You will pay if you not careful and have to treat it almost like a scalpel. With that being said, I was very careful and didn't press too hard and got a BBS out of a 2 pass shave. Also. I like the Bigelow cream very much...now I know why the canned stuff isn't loved around here : )
Yesterday & Today I DE'd with my Krona & a "Rainbow" blade I received as an extra, I face lathered both days with a Tabac puck, Yesterday was the Vie-Long/Rudy handle and Today was a Silver-Tip Shavemac, 45/21 Fan shape. Both days were 2 pass Shaves with DFS as the result, today the second pass gave me two nicks on my left side below the ear and on the jawline. I don't think I'll try for a third shave and will use a Zorrick in the Krona Tomorrow, Tabac face lather with my Shavemac Finest, 50/21 Bulb. I think Monday I'll go back to the Eversharp "G" & shave #13 on the Chinese Blade, definitely a Tabac Bowl Lather, Brush TBD.
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