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Schick Proline AC type blades

I got in some Schick Proline AC type blades. If you like AC type razors you have to try this blade. It is the smoothest AC type blade I have ever used. With just one shave in on them it's to soon to say it's my favorite but it is the smoothest that's for sure.

Interesting. I've gotten out of the AC platform, but I find modern Schick injector blades to be of extremely high quality. Schick may have a process down that allows them to produce great SE blades in Asian factories.

Where do you source these? Ebay came up with only 200 blade box sets.

@Haggises if you want to get some Schick Proline P-30 you can buy one whole cartridge for 30 blades or you can buy one whole box of 10 cartridge for 300 blades only from Rakuten Global Market online directly from Japan, because you can't buy a cartridge or a whole box of Schick Proline blades from eBay or Amazon online because they come directly from Japan.
Is it too early to compare how aggressive they are? Your normal blade is a Feather Pro, correct?
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Yes I have found in the pass with every AC razor I have used I prefer the Feather Pro blade. It is to soon for me to tell right now which I like better but I can say the Schick is the smoothest so far.
the one place I found that had the cheaper Small Packet shipping, is of course, sold out.

You guys been busy :)
There is also the Schick Proline Type B,which at 38mm long fits the Supply. Yesterday I shaved with on in a PAL Injecto-Matic ,after loading blades into an empty keyed dispenser. I got these from Rakuten in Japan.

A new Proline blade in my Cobra seems like a perfect match.


Two shaves is way too soon for me to draw any conclusions, but these blades made a great first impression.

The Cobra has some bite and a brand new Feather Pro (my usual blade for razors of this type) will often leave me with a weeper or two and a little extra sting from the aftershave. That did not happen today with a brand new Schick Proline, but the shave was just as close. My impression thus far is that the Proline is just as sharp as the Feather Pro yet significantly smoother.

I purchased 120 of these direct from Rakuten in Japan. I inadvertently paid extra for expedited shipping (even the "English" version of the site is largely in Japanese) and had my blades in 5 days. Even with the shipping cost and American Express hitting me with a foreign currency charge I still ended up paying less than $.50 per blade, not much more than I paid for the Feathers.

These are the P-30 blades. There are also P-20 blades available which are identical except that the dispenser holds 20 blades instead of 30.

So far I like these blades a lot.

Has anyone used the Schick Proline blades long enough to compare them for longevity to other AC type blades? I've been using other razors and blades also since I got the Schick so I have not drawn any conclusions yet.
You have to actually make an order to see the shipping options. Pick the JP Small Package Shipping option then make your order. They will send you an email giving the total cost in Yen and asking if you want to confirm the order. If you don't confirm the order, then they will cancel it and you won't be charged.
I like these Proline "P" blades so much, I ordered 200 of them from Ebay seller jatoyo. $100 including shipping from Japan. That's 50 cents a blade for arguably the best AC blade going right now. As of 5 minutes ago, that seller had 5 more boxes of 200.

So far, for AC blades, I've used two types of Kai's, 2 types of Feather's, and these. The three AC razors I've used have been the ATT SE1, the Brass Colonial General, and the Aluminum Hawk. This blade is the best of the bunch for my face and the only blade so far that has given me perfect shaves in the SE1.

I'm happy to have 20 in my cabinet and 200 more on the way.
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