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Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Mark Thompson, Feb 12, 2019.

    I've seen a few of these Schick razors on IG and was quite drawn to them as I really enjoy the one I have, but it's really plain looking... So started to google for more info and came to this big ole forum to ask if anyone has one of these custom beauties and how they like them?
  1. I just ran across these the other day and have been thinking about an injector. I'm interested in opinions on them also. Hope someone that has one sees this post and comments.
  2. Careful. Beauty is only surface deep. :001_smile
  3. Great depth for a razor!

    Just heard about the company earlier today.
  4. Welcome to the club, Mark. Glad to have you aboard. I hope you are enjoying your injector. It's beautiful.
  5. Nice custom. Enjoy!! :a14:
  6. Sorry if I wasn't clear in my post, I was looking to have my injector done and was asking if anyone has had, one of these beauty done.
  7. bobmsp

    bobmsp Contributor

    I know that several people on this board have used North Shore for gunkote restorations and have been happy with them. I'd search in the DE forum if you want the particulars. I don't know if that answers your question, but I guess that it's good to know that the company has a decent reputation.
  8. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor


    I think my open to clean E-2 looks pretty.
  9. Brother Chan,

    That Type E Injector of yours with the butterscotch Bakelite handle is outstandingly beautiful in your picture! In my mind that beauty cannot be improved upon. Thanx for sharin'.

    No offense intended to Northshore Razors, or to the folks who dig 'em, but the originals are hard to improve upon (at least to my subjective old eyes!).
  10. Amen to that, Brother.
  11. Ron R

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    I own 3 Canadian E2 injectors and one damaged rare Canadian E5 that shaves very aggressive. The E5 after close observation the blade keepers was lifting the blade slightly after decades of use(Other words the blade cut a groove into the keepers and the blade was not laying flat on the base plate & became more aggressive.)
    The 70>yrs E5 was beloved by it's previous owners by just the wear and tear of thousands of shaves is my best guess.
    The E2(mid aggressive) is such a easy razor to use and will give one the best shaves of any single edge and the new (S"chick") blades seem to last up to 8-10> shaves and are smooth and sharp IMO. Personna makes injector blades(20 per container) also and are used by many with good results also. I have Sunday shaves with the E2 if I'm not testing other razors and there are not many other razors that can even come close to the great results Schick razors can give IMO. If you come across a E2 at a reasonable price buy it and enjoy, check to make sure the blade sits flat on base plate and you should have excellent shaves.
    Schicks cleanup1.jpg
    A couple of E2 injectors I cleaned up that were in rough shape with original razor boxes from a small antique store I purchased in the summer of 2018. They shave like the day they were bought that is how well they are mfg.
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  12. First use of an Eversharp Schick injector with Chinese Schick blade today.

    Good WTG and XTG...but a bit too rough ATG on the neck area.
  13. What Type injector did you use? From Type E down to Type O, injectors get increasingly mild.

    Also please remember most shavers get the best performance and comfort from an injector by shaving pretty much "on the cap."
  15. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    Not me.

    Captain of the steep (meme).jpg

    I use my E-2 at the design angle (neutral angle) or steeper. It's much better for me than riding the cap.

    Happy shaves,

  16. Looks like a Type E to me, made in late 1930's. It's generally judged to be an aggressive injector razor.

    You can probably tame it somewhat by "riding the cap," that is by raising the handle when shaving. Also reduce the pressure against the face/neck.

    Let us know how it goes.
  17. Agreed the razor seems to be an E Type, that case though is from later on, G Type maybe?
  18. bobmsp

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    I think I see 2 patent numbers on it, so I think it's a G type.
  19. The lack of wing tabs on the spring make me think it is a G.

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