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    Being a Schick injector user and a bit of a razor collector I bought this one a couple of yrs ago and it is the most aggressive of all the E type injectors and is one of the most rarest of the E series. When I bought this it was at a antique store in Central Alberta Canada and it was just fluke luck I bought it with also a E2 butterscotch one and was thinking I will have to try Schick razors for the first time. The person who owned it prior used it a lot because of some wear on the top cap and when I cleaned and used it for the first time with a new blade it let me know it could cut whiskers with a few nicks and wipers. I went over to the butter scotch E2 on the next shave and it was a lot smoother. The E5 after careful examining with my microscopes it could of been designed with the top cap back to far and allowing the blade to lift a few thousands of a inch off the seat so creating even more gap and also a little more blade exposure. This is one of my most aggressive razors in my collection and it's a Schick which does not make real aggressive razors. The E5 was not made in large #'s so this becomes my rarest Schick and thought maybe people would like to see a Canadian rare E5 black handle injector. The E5 does not have the Side wings on the spring and the E4 also does not have the side wings on the spring.
    Schick E5-2 Black handle (2).jpg Schick E5-3 Black handle (2).jpg Schick E5 -1 Black handle (2).jpg
    Have some great shaves!
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  2. I've wondered about those - mine was found in the bakelite case shown. The Canadian's don't follow Appleby's rules too closely, these are clearly marked as "Eversharp-Schick", which would mean post 1946 Type G - except the no-seamed handle says bakelite if I understand correctly. The razor and injector have only Made in Canada & Patent 1937, while the case has a Patent number molded in .. This example is mildly aggressive

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    The case I show is not what my E5 came in but that is what I store it in, I do have your case in black bakelite also and it came with a E2 inside it, Schick just used what parts that were available possibly.
    My E5 is a little different than yours, The spring on my E5 is totally different than yours, my spring lacks the ears on the spring and is crimped differently where the rivet is and the rivet is larger and shallower in size. Looking at your E5 looks a lot like a E3 IMO but has a black handle. I have read from other posts that Schick would take what ever parts from other previous models and assemble to make up their quota for the day at the factory.(how accurate that statement is :confused1) So for historians to nail a model perfect is almost impossible IMO if they used different parts from previous models.
    Schick Injector Razors
    Have some great shaves!
  4. Yeah, I have read the leftover parts theory before. It isn't readily apparent from the photo, but it looks like your furniture is the normal Schick gold/brass tone, while mine is silver/chrome colored ala the "G-4" Schick 66
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    New razor added to my Schick injector family of great shaving razors the i2 Hydro-magic and took it out for it's 1st trail run and it did not disappoint me.
    Razor: Schick injector i2 Hydro-magic -Mfg 1954-57
    Blade: Schick (4)
    Soap : Barrister & Mann Seville
    Brush: Razorock Noir 400
    Preshave: wet the face & apply a little Aloe vera gel
    Post shave: Alum + cold water rinse
    Post shave: Proraso green lotion AS + witch hazel & pea size amount of Nivea balm
    Results: CCS,DFS,BBb-Alum block indicated some neck irritation(new razor)=:001_smile
    Have some great shaves!
  6. Hi I have bought these 3 and been using them; keep reading a lot of posts but still unable to identify them accurately. Good shaves....enjoying them....almost better than my DE's....

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  7. That's good to hear, because I'm on the lookout for one. I think it's the only model with Hydromagic and a squarish handle.

    I got an E3 a few months ago, and it's a bit rougher than I'd like.
    I really like the Bakelite case though.

    I get great shaves with this Lady Eversharp.
    I thought the long handle would mess up the balance, but it's okay.
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  8. Ron R

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    The butterscotch Schick is a E Type more than likely a E2 a E3 has parallel groves on the safety bar were the E2 has a roughed surface on the safety bar
    The white with some brown streaks is a G type Schick injector because it has 2 Patent #s underneath the head. All G types have this feature of 2 patent #'s. Also the spring has no ear wings on the side like the E2.
    The Schick adjustable is a M3 because it is the latest model and has the printing Adjustable on the end of handle and I just bought one recently and did a lot of searching and people have Schick adjustable s labeled wrong IMO.
    M1 adjustable has dial printed on the handle, M2 adjustable has a black circle with a white cross hairs on just the dial.
    There is some other variants with the Schick adjustable s but it gets a little confusing IMO.
    Hope this helps you.
    Have some great shaves!
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    I found I used old stock blades that looked good when I first used my E2 injector that were given with the purchase and was not impressed at all with the shaves, dull+ tuggey and did not use the razor for a few months and after reading some more information about Schick blades I bought the Schick blades on Amazon in the yellow package and it was like bringing the shave to a very high pinnacle and very enjoyable . Some old stock blades are spent and degraded from time and oil preservatives have evaporated and not worth it sometimes- at least the ones I have.
    Also Make sure there is a old blade in the injector before installing a fresh blade because if you install the first blade in a empty head you have to be very careful not rub new edge along the first blade stop and that will make the blade edge very rough.
    Have some great shaves!
  10. The first blade I tried in the E3 was a new stock one that I transferred from a G head. That involved inserting the injector key and pulling the blade out with needle-nosed pliers. Then I put the used blade in the injector to install it in the E3. I thought I was pretty careful, but after a few shaves in the E3 I decided that that was not a good idea.
    So... then I installed a fresh blade (also new stock) in the proper way, and it still did not seem a lot better than the one I transferred.
  11. Thanks a lot for the info. Just used the G for head shave.... Tomorrow adjustable to face.
    This adjustable has a golden tone to the head, came in very good condition , almost new. I have another similar one but silver color....that razor is the filthiest I have ever it's OK....spent many days cleaning it.
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    Now when it comes to Canadian Schick E type injectors and possible 1st Canadian Schick G1 type injectors we have a interesting puzzle to figure out.
    The 1st picture on the left is a black case & is a Canadian E3 injector with Schick injector on the spring. The one on the right is my newly acquired dark brown case G1 injector Canadian version with Schick Eversharp on the spring with a G1 seamed handle.
    Schick Canadian hybrid G1 or E4 (2).jpg
    The 2nd picture shows A dark brown case with the G type spring with a E type pat 1937 base plate with a seamed handle.
    Schick Canadian hybrid G1 in a Dark brown case. (2).jpg
    The 3rd picture is by it self.
    Schick Canadian version of a G1 (2).jpg
    Some hobby razor enthusiasts claim Canada did not make Schick G type injectors but this is as close to a G1 as you can get, or it has to be some sort of Hybrid G1 or E4 Schick injector. The Canadian Schick plant stayed in production past 1946 so pieces of parts could of been assembled from E type base plate and everthing else G1 type parts.
    Any insight into this rare and interesting Schick razor.
    Have some great shaves!
  13. Saxonbowman

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    I have a similar Canadian G. Its hard to tell in this photo but it also has a seamed handle. Sadly the blade stops are damaged so it doesn't hold the blade in place.

  14. Ron R

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    If you really like that razor you could remove a base plate from another E type with the 1937 pat and it will be put back to life once again. I found some razors at Antique stores that were in rough shape and E types and G types can be repaired. They are a simple engineering marvel for its day and Schick could bend those tight angles with the brass sheet metal and not crack and were very accurate with tolerances IMO. Pal & Personna MFG are the only other companys that could even come close to Schick standards for folding metals.
    Have some great shaves!
  15. Chan Eil Whiskers

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    Nicely done, Ron.

    I'd not considered exactly how the were made.

    Happy shaves,

  16. Ron R

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    Well Jim it is difficult bending metals with out cracking or distorting & its natural tendency to deflect back some what after initial bends, Yet 80 + yrs later they still perform like the day they were made.
    And now I have to congratulate you on becoming a Ambassador, that should be somewhat easy task for you because you have been doing a reasonable job of keeping your threads decent for a few years as one without the title. Just keep doing what you like when it comes to shaving.
    Have some great shaves!
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    Good advice on their repairability. Unfortunately the blade stops were bad when I bought it so I never got to find out how it shaved. It was my first injector and of course I have several now. No other G type so I'll have to find one some day. I find its more fun to have patience and find them in the wild so it may take some time.
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    Thank you, Ron.

    I'm just beginning to even think about what being an Ambassador means. Mostly I think it means being in a position to communicate to the administrative team what it seems like the other members need to have a better B&B experience.

    To me the best thing about this place is the culture of gentlemanly behavior combined with a tendency to pay it forward. In other words, playing nice with others and helping. Too many online cultures are quite different as we all know. This one is much more useful to most of us and also much more fun.

    Wouldn't it be fun to go back in time to watch them making these old razors. Considering how inexpensive they were the precision is rather incredible.

    Happy shaves to you,


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