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    Hi all I just pick this up on ebay Eversharp Schick Injector
    I was wondering if you guys have
    some info on it and is it any good as a razor? I have never owned an
    Also can someone give me a recommendation on the new blades to buy and maybe where?
    I paid $30AU including postage
    thanks in advance
    schick1.jpg schick.jpg
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  1. Can you take a picture from the side of this, this angle makes the spring look strange. Want to be sure it isn’t dislodged before you attempt to use.

    Looks like a type E? (Or is it a G?)

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  2. Eversharp -> Type G
  3. These are the sellers pics I'm still waiting for it to arrive
    here is is one of his pics from the other side
    could it be the blade incorrectly fitted
    schick 3.jpg
  4. from that angle, the spring looks like it is in the correct place, but yes, from that angle the blade seems off...hope that won't affect performance. I'd proceed with caution. Do not remove that blade with anything but an injector key and new blade, ie don't go grabbing that blade with a needle-nosed pliers.

    As for blades, you can get the Chinese made Schick injectors on amazon, the "auction site" or Rakuten (global), they are considered very good; you can also get NOS injectors on the "auction site". No "twins" for this model.

    G-types are great, medium aggressiveness in my humble opinion; I like my G-66.
  5. thanks mate I will get some blades and do as you have instructed
    will have to want and see if its still usable
    thanks for your advice @Shantytownbrown
  6. What others have noted: That spring looks off. That type of injector razor let you swing the spring to one side in order to better clean it. That dropped the bottom plate and safety bar. If that spring isn't tight against the bottom plate, it means a loose blade, and that means nicks and cuts.

    The blades are easy to find on Amazon, but you might can find them locally. I like to buy mine from a nearby grocery store. Granted it's the only local store that carries them, but it does happen.

    I prefer Schick blades. Tried what looks like Persona, and had such a bad experience, wondered if I ended up with something like a utility knife version.
  7. From the picture, the blade is not properly inserted. The blade overhangs the base and cap on one side, there should be no overhang. An overhanging blade will present a slashing hazard. The spring will not swing easily, unless you reduce the cog, that catches the spring, and the shoulders on the spring that engage with the cog should be eased with a needle file. Please note the blade guards on the safety bar, the razor edge needs to engage both guards equally.
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  9. I believe this model does not swing open. Don't force it!
  10. Thanks for all the great info guys hopefully it arrives soon
  11. I think a lot of injectors are sold with an old blade in them precisely because the seller does not have an injector with the required key.
  12. Very true.
  13. And I have received several on “the auction site” without a blade where the unknowing seller either tried or did remove the blade w a pliers or whatever leaving the razor a dangerous weapon. I have luckily had respectful sellers who refunded my money and a few that didn’t even have me return the item.

    I always ask now if they have left the blade alone, turned the spring etc. if I don’t get a good sense, I won’t buy/bid. I also ask if I do buy/win to ship it with the blade so they don’t try to remove after the purchase.

    When I sell an injector here I always make sure to tell you gents there is a blade so you can replace it proper and you know so you don’t loose part of your fingertip opening your mail!

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