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$$ Schick Injector $$

Scott, all --

That is the Die-cast solid handle version, and it is quite rare. I'm surprised that it went so low.

-- John Gehman
A very nice looking injector. I saw that auction but it quickly went higher than what I would spend for an injector -- have to save the money for the new field of straight razor AD.:001_smile
Wow...those pics are great. That's a sweet rig. I'm partial to injectors myself...I dig the "repeating cartridge" blade loader. As a kid it always mystified/fascinated me.
Scott, have you shaved with your F-Type? I've always wondered how they shave in comparison to an E-Type....
You know I tried a couple of times and didn't care for it..
guess I would say it wasn't very comfortable compared to a Type E. Gonna have to put it in my rotation once again and try one last time. I also have a Schick Dial which I love using.. favorite among all injectors. Luckily I found one at an antique for 2 bucks and avoided paying a hefty ebay price.
It is unique and somewhat scarce, hence the price. Of course you can get lucky sometimes, but they usually fetch a nice price if in good shape, which they don't always are. They do not have the typical under the head spring that the other injectors have, the top metal part of the head acts both as a grip fo rthe blade and a spring, and they tend to go soft after some use. I have the complete set with the shipper box and instructions, which I got on eBay years ago for 60-some $. It is the only complete set that I have seen of this model:
Beautiful--if that rig was in my home there is NO way I could resist using it. I buy NOS in order to crack open the package and be the first to "wear the new off it."

I'm not sure what you guys call THAT disorder...but I got it!