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Schick injector

I was able to get a small screwdriver under one side of the tang and pop it in place on both razors. I was worried about scratching the brass, but it looks OK
Hmmm.. didn't work for me but maybe the SMALL screwdriver is the trick.... anyways, they weren't meant to be opened like that by the users.
there are some others manufactures, nationwide campus (horrible quality) and the pal injectors, theres several NOS on the redneck stock exchange right now,
the problem is that i dont know the quality of the pal injectors, the nationwide campus ones were horrible cheap chinese clones,
This may be a horrible newbie question, but where can you get blades from these. I've been reading threads every so often on these and I'm thinking of trying one, but the blade availability has been a concern of mine. That being said I haven't really looked that much....:redface:
Forget trying to jimmy open your Type E with a screwdriver. Unlrasonics also fall short of removing what looks to be a baked on brown crud hidden inside the razor. You CAN safely open the Type E by pivoting the spring. Use a tiny adjustable Crescent wrench to grip the sides of the spring. Once open, you'll likely see all the stuff you want to remove before letting that razor anywhere near your face. Soaking in Scrubbing Bubbles, then brushing out with a soft toothbrush is the most effective way to clean.
Injectors always are meant to have a blade stored in them. Furthermore ejecting an old blade and loading a new blade is self-cleaning action.

Also your razor dates to before WW2, so presumably all germs have died decades ago. :lemo:

There is a lotta overkill on shaving forums regarding germs and cleaning/disinfecting vintage razors. How long do you think these razor cooties live? I suggest a week or three. They require food and drink and a decent environment just like we humans do.