Schick Injector Type A restore

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    I recently picked up a Schick Injector Type A (1926). There was lots of tarnish and the cap was frozen tight. I decided to restore it. It had 7 of the original blades. I removed those, soaked them in rubbing alcohol and cleaned them up. Here is the before picture.
    Several hours later and lots of TLC and elbow grease and here is the after picture.
    These razors are amazing. The engineering is very smooth.
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  1. Nicely done -- and the shaves I get from mine are OUTSTANDING!!! I hand-loaded (with pliers) a Proline B-20 blade in mine and while I have 6 other Schicks, this one is my favorite (and I believe best) shaver. You did well to get a complete model....mine does not have the cylinder top cap (I'm considering using either some 1/2 inch copper or brass to fashion one for mine), and I don't have a "magazine" (i.e., the innards for loading blades). Congratulations and good job on the restoration!
  2. Nice job. !!:)
  3. I love my A. I got tired of the pliers routine so now am using the magazines in all my Repeaters, also using the Proline. The ultimate travel razor.
  4. Thanks guys yes. I feel fortunate to find this razor. Given that it was only made for one year in 1926. I was also surprised it had all the parts. And yes, I can see how this would be the ultimate travel razor. I must put it to the test soon.
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    Nice clean up. Congratulations on the find.
  6. Cleaned up nicely!
  7. Gotta ask -- did all of yours come with "magazines"? Or did you find them separately? Seems like most B's and C's have their "mags"; but the type A's seem almost impossible to stumble on.
  8. And this is only the second time I have seen this razor...and now I want one. I really need to stop looking at these forms :lol:
  9. It appears in fall of '26, the B is introduced fall of '27.

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  10. Mine have come with magazines (A, B & C)

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  11. Wow. Nicely done!
  12. Dang....thought so. Oh well, I'm hand loading my Enders, my Mark Cross, and I guess I'll be doing that with my type A. Thanks for the quick response!
  13. I gotta say hand loading the Repeaters is a might trickier. Don't know how many times I cut myself messing with alignment. Downright embarrassing it was. But I'm a clutz. The magazines do show up occasionally, hope you are lucky enough to land one.

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  14. Great clean up! Looks good. I love my type A, and all my repeaters for that matter! Let is know when you get a chance to take it for a spin! Mine may be there most efficient razor I own without being super aggressive.

    Great find!

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