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Schick injector model?

Anyone seen a Schick injector like this one? I found it in an antique store and while I have one with a bakelite handle and have seen many others, I've not seen one like this. It is all metal, and the entire handle swivels to free the head for cleaning. It had what appears to be a case with the owners name engraved.
Trash or treasure? (Well, not really trash...)

I bought it along with two other razors so I can't remember exactly. I believe it was $20.00. Too much for a typical injector but since I'd never seen one like it, I figured, what the heck...you can never have too many razors!! :smile:

I've had my question answered. This is the first model of the Schick injector. It was made in 1935. I'm going to give it a try and see how a 70 year old razor shaves.

wow...what a find and you found a great...no tremendous value....with what I see and the proper adertisemnet on e-bay this should fetchat least 3 to 4 times what you paid for it....

I would offer to double your money right now....

Is the directions with it by chance...what you have here is a very pristine model, one that a collector like myself tries to find....the box looks like it is in wonderful condition, which is a plus....

I love my 1940 injector that I use regularly...and I have several others....

but if you plan to use it, please tell us more....

thank You,

mark the shoeshine boy
I plan to give it a go in the next couple of days. There were no instructions with it however. My collection is growing steadily now and this razor has a prominent spot on my bathroom wall display. If I decide to sell it, I'll give you a shout.

That is one of the nicest D's I have seen. If the box is nice in and out like it looks this would not surprise me to push or exceed $100
Don't listen to these guys, it is trash. Send it to me and I will make sure it is disposed of according to local laws. :tongue_sm
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