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Schick Injector Blades

While on a hunt for injector blades I found this bulk price on Walmart's website. Probably wont last long but the savings is considerable.
Not sure if the link will work but a search should.

Schick Injector Blades - 1 Dozen of 7 Count Boxes = 84 Count Now $38.84​

My shipment is one day away. Great to hear you placed an order. I have a feeling this price won't last long. I hope I'm wrong.
Ok, The shipment arrived today, but had only 8 boxes not 12. I contacted the seller, a vendor for Walmart, and was told they would ship the rest. Later in the day I received an email from Walmart customer care and the vendor’s customer care confirming this.

I suspect a mistake was made on the listing because it now shows out of stock.
The vendor made good as I received the additional four packs of 7. I did do another search and the price is now $72.99 for a dozen.

MikeTbass, how did you make out?
I received my order yesterday (shipping was delayed) and just like yourself my order only contained 8 packs. I have contacted the seller and am hopeful that they know about this issue now and will drop the 4 packs in the mail for me.

I will keep you posted.
Came home to the remaining 4 packs of blades waiting for me on the porch. I've gotta hand it to the seller, they made good on their word and advertised deal. This will keep me flush with injector blades for quite a while.

Thanks to @Fuzzy for making this thread and alerting me to this offer. Simply too good to pass up!
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