Schick injector adjustable

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by jaro 101969, Jul 9, 2019.

    Just got this taking it home gotta clean it IMG_20190709_184629.jpg IMG_20190709_184717.jpg
  1. Let us know how it shaves!
  2. Nice! Hope it cleans up well!
  3. thanks i will let you know
  4. The M Model adjustable shaves great and better yet with ALL injector blades. For whichever blade there is a setting that works.
  5. thanks so far everyone.
  6. ok so something weird i just saw mine says schick dial which would indicate an m1 but it says m1 had no dot on dial but mine has dots so more like m2 but m2 said adjustable by schick and had dots on dial plus cross which mine has no cross so which do i have?
  7. ok so i think i figured it out i looked at a m1 and it looks like mine so i guess i have a m1....
  8. Congratulations! The Schick adjustable is a great razor and can be adjusted from mild to wild. I like mine set a 6.

    If the razor did not have a blade in it when you bought it, expect your first blade to be damaged as it runs over the blade stops. No big deal. Jus inject the second one and you’re good to go.
  9. it did have a blade in it. so i shouldnt have to worry about that thanks..
  10. let's see it cleaned up1 you will enjoy that to a great start with two of my fave's..first a g66 now adjustable!
  11. will do more pics later. got to put my little twins to bed wife off tomorrow so we let them stay up later
  12. You are one blessed man, doubly.

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