Schick I and J - Same Shave?

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    in my quest to thin down the herd, I’m considering selling off either my Schick I or my Schick J razor. I’m trying to eliminate duplicates, but it’s not so easy to decide.

    The shaves between the razors feel the same to me and I believe that’s due to the heads being the same.

    Are the heads actually the same, or are there not so obvious differences? I’m not very partial to either the long or short handle, but I might find the long handle of the J to have an advantage.

    I get it that YMMV, but what do you see as the advantages of each?
  1. I don't know if the heads are identical because I don't have any way to minutely measure the dimensions, but to me they shave identically except for the handles. Personally, I tend to like the shorter handles because of the shape of my face and neck, but YMMV.
  2. My experience and belief also is what XX states above.
  3. It depends which I type you have; I found the I2 and the J to give identical shaves but the I1 was more aggressive than both of them. I know that sounds strange but it is true with both my I1's or maybe it's just me :1eye:
  4. If I remember correctly, I have the I1. I’ll compare the two during tomorrow morning’s shave to see if I notice a difference. I’ll let you know the results afterwards.
  5. There are two I1 variants. First one says Schick Safety Razor on the head and I think only came with a white handle, the other says SCHICK all in capital letters that you commonly see with the black handle but it also came with a white handle. My understanding the 2 variants have different blade exposures according to others who have both and have posted on this elsewhere.
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    I have an I1 and a J1. I don't feel like there is much difference in the heads but I definitely prefer shaving with the longer handle J. Both are pretty mild and take extra touch up. I never bonded with the I but enjoy using the J once in a while.
  7. The first variant after doing some looking is referred to as an I 55 because they were only produced in early 1955.

    Not my pictures but they show the difference between both including the blade load.
    IMG_0742.jpg IMG_0743.jpg IMG_0744.jpg

    Here is what is called the I 55 with the original case it would have came in also not my pictures.
    Razor726-SchickI1-1955-NOS.jpg Razor726-SchickI1-1955-NOS_02.jpg

    My guess without having used either yet is the second variant with the black handle will be the same as the J Shicks. The other one probably not.
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  8. So I definitely have a Schick I1. I has “Schick Safety Razor” stamped on the head, the spring looks the same and it has the off white handle.

    I never knew this info before. Very interesting indeed!
  9. It is not well if at all documented in the usual lists people reference. Technically the references should be updated so the I 55 should be the I 1 and the other an I 2 and finally the Hydro Magic as an I 3.
  10. My preference would be the I Type, for the handle length as mentioned above, and the general trend of the Schicks to be made milder as time marched on (though I can't recall much difference between I and J, as I never really warmed up to either). I personally don't get a close enough shave with any of them past Type F, though an M wide open gets a passing grade
  11. Upon perusing the unmentionable auction site I found a third I variant. Whether this one is different from the other 2 I variants or J models I wouldn't know.

    i1a.jpg i1b.jpg i1c.jpg
  12. That one when doing a comparison has the same blade exposure as I2 Hydro Magic. It is possible it will be the same shave also.
  13. I did a side by side comparison shave using the Jon one side, and the I 55 on the other side.

    The J was smooth and mild, on the WTG pass. I did a second pass ATG and it went smoothly, with no issues. Some whiskers were barely cut on my chin and neck, so a cleanup pass was required. No audible feedback was heard during the shave.

    The I 55 Shave was also smooth as I went WTG. I noticed an audible feedback out of the I that’s similar to what I get on the E and G models. I like that! I also had a slight “blade” feel with the I, very much like the E and G. I did a ATG pass and that was all I needed except for a section of my neck that always requires a cleanup pass.

    Rubbing both sides of my face, the I definitely gave me a closer shave. Also, a closer examination of the I 55 and J heads shows me that there is a slight difference in the head design. I’ll post some pictures tonight.

    The end results are that the I 55 definitely provided the closer shave, was more efficient and required less passes, provided audible feedback and was more maneuverable than the J.
  14. If, in fact, the early I injectors had a slightly different head design than the later I models, why would they have changed it? I feel as though the I 55 shaved more like the G model than the J. Did Schick realize that the razor was too “aggressive” for their targeted market?
  15. Interesting. We may be splitting hairs here. The findings may be based on YMMV.

    I love the handle of the Type I. I don't care much for the long oval shaped handle on the Type J. How well the handle fits our hand and fingers also can influence the perceived comfort and closeness of the shave.
  16. Thinking about it further, the length of the handle does make for a different shave... it could result in the user holding the razor at a different angle, changing the amount of pressure, stroke length, razor balance, etc.
  17. Yeah but in that case it is a technique issue not razor design if all things are equivalent including choice of blade.

    At some point I'll do more research on it but based upon how the Schick alphabet designation was done it has some issues that need to be revised. You can see the springs and handle colors are different for the J1 and J2 models yet the same designation wasn't made on the I1 white and black handles.

    The I1 white handle razor heads including spring match the J1 and black handle one razor head matches the J2 so at a minimum those 2 should be reclassified as I1 for white handle with the spring with a hole in it and I2 for the black handle without the hole in the spring and the Hydro Magic reclassified as an I3.

    My guess until further research which includes using them since I have the injectors but haven't shaved with them yet is the I1 white handle razors and J1 white handle razors are the same razor just offered with 2 handle options and the same with what I am calling the black handle I2 and J2 black handle.

    To prove my point take a black handle I1 which should be an I2 and see if the blade exposure matches on a J2 black handle.

    You can see in the above pictures the exposure on the 2 I razors are vastly different for the blade. That alone makes them different razors regardless of handle color.
  18. I am going to have to walk back the spring comment with the hole.

    Here are J2 razors with and without that type of spring.
    j1a.jpg j1b.jpg j2c.jpg

    What is common between this a black handle I is the head both have the same capital lettering SCHICK on the razor head and the blade exposure is minimal.

    The white handle J razors I'd need to see a good side by side with a white handle I to see if the blade exposure is the same. What those do share in common is they both share the same lettering either Eversharp Schick or Schick Safety Razor on the heads.
    jwa.jpg jwb.jpg
  19. Without putting the razors to the test I would surmise black handle I and J razors without the hydro magic lever are the same shavers and the same holds true for white handle I and J razors without the hydro magic lever assuming those 2 different head style markings are the same shavers.
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