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    Genius, this. Like the commie 82mm mortar ... Anyways.

    Going to be shaving with a Schick Auto Band razor soon. I had one; came in a Techmatic lot. Got a new Schick band by accident - came loaded in a new Techmatic! Go figure. But by all accounts, the Schick shaved better than the Gillette. I will try it!

  2. If I remember correctly, the Schick could use the Gillette cartridge, but not vice-versa.
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    I was just examining them ... Since the Schick band cart has a winder, it can be used in both razors... But the Gillette can only be used in the Gillette, with it's winder in back of the razor itself.

    Going to try the Schick band first!

  4. Not sure what is meant by those dates.
    The Techmatic debuted in 1965 and was in production at least through 1973, then came the disposable version of it (remember those?), and the cartridges remained in production for many years after that in the US and even longer in many overseas markets. I've seen blister-packs with bar-codes on them. It wasn't that the shavers (or the shaves) were a failure as such (despite what you read on these forums), but that the cartridges were expensive to produce and Gillette soon realised much greater profit in the twin-blade carts of the Trac-II and later the Atra. In fact, the Trac-II followed a similar path in that it too turned into a disposable (Good News) just five years after it was introduced. The Techmatic and Trac-II serve to illustrate just how quickly the industry evolved from cartridge systems to fully disposible razors in less than a decade. ps The first dedicated women's disposible, the Daisy, also came out at this time.
    It's true that the Techmatic cartridges were rather expensive in their day and thus the razor never gained significant market-share, but the shave was excellent...still is.
    Even to-day, I continue to get "baby-bottom" smooth shaves from vintage Techmatic cartridges with no issues.
    It remains one of my favourite razor systems.
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    Interesting! And thanks.

    Would you believe I have a W-marked Techmatic, indicating 1976 production? This goes against various date charts ... Yet there it is.

    Photos up tomorrow... Planning a "50th anniversary Moon Landing Techmatic Shave Thread" soon!

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    Consider joining the Techmatic moon mission!

  7. Thank you for noting your "1976" produced Techmatic. I suspected Techmatic handles were produced later than 1973, but I had no data to back me up. I could also find no data on the disposable Techmatics, which I suspect were produced to the end of the 70's if not into the 80's.
    A razor's commercial success is not always determined by the U.S. market alone. D.E. blades all but disappeared from U.S. shelves for over 20 years (until recently), but they never went away in many other markets round the world. Not long ago straight razors were as extinct as the Passenger Pigeon in America, yet the market was alive in Europe, and absolutely thriving in Japan.
    You Sir, have my promise to use my Techmatic during the Moon Mission Anniversary, but it won't be anything special for me, as I use my "Techy" so often anyway!
    ps. I would be interested in seeing your W-code model. Do you still have the original case/packaging?
    pps. Judging by your Avatar, you've already joined the Techmatic Moon Mission!
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    Yes, yes and thanks, Mr. RB. I wanted decent photos, so instead of phone, shot them with a Nikon. Posting tomorrow.

    The use of Techmatic by astronauts is well documented, and since they are pretty cheap on the bay, I got 3 band razors /$10. One is the Schick Auto Band. One is a K-marked, first year production, and though I wanted a 1969 O-marked, I'll be using a 68 N razor... Who is to say which flew? Anyways.

    Glad you share the interest in this obscure model, I'm looking forward to trying both Techmatic and the Schick. I have new blade bands for both!

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    Enjoyed my first band-razor shave with the Schick today ... Really not bad. No weepers or rash.

    A very odd bird, however. Feels like nothing else!


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