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    I remember them from my teen years, but I don’t remember them fondly. I can’t say why anymore, but I distinctly remember disliking them. I don’t know if I had a Schlick or Gillette.
  1. Poor, poor, King Gillette. His Royalness was out manoeuvred.
  2. The Band played its glorious music from 1966 to 1971.
    It is one of the very best razors in my collection and is used weekly.

  3. Wow, you must have Really Stocked Up when you had the chance!
  4. Before my time but IIRC the Gillette design wasn't well engineered and didn't always hold the blade taut, so it was very bitey. Probably damaged the entire market for band razors, even if the Schick was better.
  5. Story was the Apollo crew took along Gillette Techmatics. Through a misinterpretation of the manifesto I believe they were to take ALL of the Techmatics to the Moon.........................and leave them. :D ;)
  6. Just sayin’, I started with a Gillette Techmatic in 1970. Quickly moved on to a Schick injector because the Schick was a much better shaver - didn’t bite at all, more maneuverable, lower cost/shave. If I hadn’t been given my granddad’s Old Type I would possibly still be using an injector. I can’t even work up any nostalgia for the Techmatic.
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    I have a Techmatic that I am very hesitant to use. I even bought a NOS blade spool to try in it but it sits unloved with some other razors in my storage boxes.
  8. Take one for the team! I am always ready to be proven wrong!
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    I will think about it. :001_smile
  10. The primary purpose of "the market" is profit!
  11. I bought one of the 'Adjustable' band razors, way back in the 80s. I recall not really liking it, and the cartridge, if you call it that, was expensive at the time. I think I just tossed it, once the band or two it came with were done, and ended up possibly buying as Astra, but not sure if that was before or after the Gillette Micro-Trac....for those that remember them.
  12. The gas station roller-towel of razors, it was too gimmicky even for the gimmick-friendly world of shaving.
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    I have a Techmatic and new band ready to roll for my July 16-20 shaves. Even some 1969 aftershave.

    50th anniversary … good enough for NASA; I'll give it a try!

  14. We eagerly await July! And the live 50th anniversary shave TV coverage. :detective:

    @ajkel64 is (possibly) still thinking about it. Not the spirit that put a razor on the moon! :001_302:
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    Wow, thanks!

    Everyone has seen the photos of Michael Collins shaving onboard Apollo 11 with the Techmatic ... and Old Spice nonlathering tube of goo. But! Get this:

    I have been reading Gene Cernan's bio, "Last Man on the Moon," and he casually mentions he was first to shave in space, with an unspecified safety razor! Never has history been so frustrated! If only I'd have asked him, "WHICH safety razor?" ...

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  17. Techmatics definitely make sense in space - imagine a DE blade slipping out of your fingers and going spinning through the cabin...
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  19. That's very true, and it had already occurred to me. But that's not a reason to be concerned here on earth. That's probably why they were not popular here.

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